Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jackson is ready to join Oprah's Book Club!

Justin and I enjoy the same hobbies...for the most part. The one thing we don't agree on is leisure reading. I love to read history books and biographies (I get it from my Dad). I will admit, I like a romance novel here and there (I get that from Deb).

However, Justin doesn't enjoy reading. Once on a vacation, he took a novel...I think he stopped at page 17. Instead, he spent his time at the swim-up bar. :)

I am hoping Jackson will have my love for reading. I was so excited when he spent about 30 minutes with his "First Book." He spent his time flipping through the pages and looking at the colors.

Note: Check out the big toe in the bottom photo...he gets that from his Dad.
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Jessy said...

That big toe is ALWAYS sticking up!! He's so smart for his age!! He's super cute as always!!

Love you guys,

penny said...

Of course the first thing I notice was the big toe, it will come in handy for a bookmark :)