Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jackson's First Colt's Game!

A big thanks to Aunt Shel who arranged for a family trip to the Colts game!  It was Jackson's first and he couldn't wait.  Of course, the day was even more special because his cousins got to attend too.

Enjoy some photos from this sports fan's special day!

Cheering for Colts!

Very Proud of his "My first Colts game" button


 He loved it!

A friend of my sister's who worked for the Colt's organization allowed each of the kids to try on his Super Bowl ring!  Check out that super smile!  So pumped!

A Family Tradition....

The Annual Tree Lighting of the Circle of Lights!

Of course...we didn't miss our tradition of spending Thanksgiving weekend downtown Indianapolis shopping, watching the tree lighting on Monument Circle, and just spending time as a family!

All dressed up at 30 weeks pregnant!


 Waiting for the tree lighting

Love them!

Family Tradition!

Counting Down!

Santa, Cousins and Grandma Charsh!

First of many visits with Santa for the season!

Justin, Deb, Michelle, and I snuck away to take in the Carrie Underwood concert.  :)

Thanksgiving 2012

Each year Justin and I attend a "Thanksgiving Feast" at Jackson's Pre-school.  This year was no different...except once I realized that my picky eater wanted no part of turkey and mashed potatoes (even though the kids helped cook and grocery shop for the feast)...Justin, Jackson, and I headed for Mcdonald's.  :)

Jackson and his friend Kennedy

Jackson made our hats! :)

This year for Thanksgiving I really wanted Jackson to understand the concept of the holiday.  This was our first year with the Bixler Family Tree of Thanks.  Each day, each of us added a leaf stating something that we are thankful for.  Jackson's leafs started out with things like "My Toys" and "My Air Jordan's"...but by the end of the month Jackson's leafs changed to "My family", "My teachers", and "My friends".  I loved seeing Jackson actually grasp the holiday.  Of course, I saved the leaf that said, "My Baby Brother".

Thanksgiving Day 2012 Photos

7 Months Pregnant with Lincoln! 

The Annual Cousin Photo at Grandma Evy's!
Hayden, Griffin, Olivia, Madeline, and Jackson

He knows his Quarterbacks!

We know this isn't normal!  :)

Halloween 2012 - Our Little Captain America!

As always, Jackson really go into the spirit of Halloween this year.  He picked out his Halloween Costume early on because he wanted to carry the shield that Captain America uses.  But Jackson didn't stop celebrating there...Jackson and Justin carved Lightening McQueen and Tow Mater pumpkins.  Jackson even carved a pumpkin at Mamaw and Pops house. We had my family over for the annual Cousin Costume party.  We topped off the holiday with a neighborhood parade and an evening trick or treating with friends.  

Jackson is already planning his costume for next year!  

Photos from Halloween 2012

 Carving Pumpkins with Daddy

 Lightening McQueen

 Tow Mater ...  this one needed some help!  :)

 Jackson's pumpkin at Mamaw and Pops 
Cousin Costume Party!

Ready to Trick or Treat!

Captain American stop to visit with Mamaw Charsh

Knights Way Trick or Treaters!

Buddies ready for the Neighborhood Halloween Parade

What boy doesn't love a fire truck!

Field Trip to the Apple Orchard and Pumpkin Patch - 2012

As a working mom it means a lot to me that my job is flexible and I don't have to miss special activities and field trips at Jackson's school.  Justin is lucky in the same sense and was able to attend a field trip or two this summer.  We love seeing Jackson in his school environment, seeing him interact with his friends and his teachers.

Below are some photos from fall field trips to the Apple Orchard and the Pumpkin Patch.

The Apple Orchard 2012

The Pumpkin Patch 2012

Jackson and his very own pumpkin

Jackson and his friends, Kennedy and Evan

Jackson asked for permission to get his baby brother a pumpkin.  :)

Jackson loved the animals at the pumpkin patch!