Saturday, January 26, 2013

Soccer 2012

This past fall, Jackson asked for us to sign him up to play Soccer with this buddy Ryne.  Justin nor I know much about soccer and we knew the season would be interesting.  What we didn't know is that the league would be short on coaches.

I received a phone call one day telling me that the league needed more coaches and would I be interested in helping.  Of course, I know nothing about soccer...but surely Justin would make a coach.  I signed him up!  It turns out - Justin doesn't know much about soccer...AT ALL.  Luckily, this year was all about having fun for the little guys.   Jackson did just that!  It turns out - he loved the game.  He loved scoring goals even more.  But what he loved the most was that his Daddy was the coach!

The day of the first soccer practice!
Everything is better with a buddy!

Jackson ALWAYS placed his hand on his Daddy's shoulder during the huddle!

Loved Scoring!

Jackson's Official Soccer photo - 2012

The Soccer Crew of Knights Way (we missed Tyler).

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