Thursday, July 31, 2008

Oscar and Sophie are just fine!

A couple of days ago someone asked how our dogs were adjusting to not being the center or our world. I said they were just fine.

It was then pointed out to me that Justin and I never mention them anymore and that they have taken a back seat. So, I thought it was necessary to point out that Oscar and Sophie are still with us and are still very
much a part of our family.

Sophie is very protective of Jackson and Oscar is still very protective of me! :) However, Oscar has surprised us both on how well he has adjusted. Sophie sits wherever Jackson sits and when we pick Jackson up Sophie barks out a warning as if to say "you be careful with him!"

I'm sure this will all change once Jackson is crawling.....but for now, we are enjoying the peace!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jackson is sick!

Jackson is sick.

There is no "cute" way to put it.

We have noticed for several days now that he is a slobbering fool! In fact, last night after holding Jackson for a few minutes, my Dad's shirt was soaked with slobber. I knew this wasn't normal. Jackson was hungry but was having trouble swallowing his bottle. Milk was everywhere. Finally, we noticed the white patches on his tongue and in the back of his mouth.

One phone call to the doctor and Jackson was diagnosed with Thrush.

The doctor says he should be feeling better in 48 hours.

In the meantime, Jackson will need extra problem!

Act your Age!

This week my Mom and Grandma are staying with us to help out with Jackson while we are at work. Needless to say, Jackson is getting plenty of love!

Yesterday, Justin knew he had an evening full of yard work. He contemplated putting it off because of the heat. However, when he pulled into the drive yesterday to find my 84-year old grandmother pulling weeds he figured the heat shouldn't stop him at 28-years of age!

When I got home I told my Grandma that she shouldn't have been out in the heat. She replied, "Oh Honey, I'm not going to let a little heat stop me."

.... I wonder what it will take for her to slow down and begin to "act her age!"

P.S. When I told my sisters of her weeding in the heat, they both said, "Send her to my house!"

Monday, July 28, 2008

Lights, Camera, Action...Jackson!

We finally caught Jackson's latest trick on camera!

What is more amazing is that Justin and I actually figured out our video camera!

Take a peek at Jackson rolling over! We are very proud parents!

More posts to come tomorrow...I promise!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Bath time fun!

I have come to love bath time with Jackson. I just thought I would share some photos from last night. He loves to get a bath and it just so sweet the whole time!

A special thanks to Amanda!

Well, today is Friday and I promised a progress report at the end of Amanda's week with Jackson.


I think Jackson has a crush on her. :)

Every time I would come home from work he would be in such a good mood. Jackson loves to nap...and so does Amanda. They were a great pair!

Amanda made a deal with Jackson at the start of the week that all dirty diapers would happen when Justin and I were home. Their deal said only wet diapers while Amanda was here by herself, Some how, some way, Jackson understood their deal! He saved all those dirty ones for us! :)

Thank you Amanda for being such a great friend to Justin and I...and now to Jackson.

We love you!

One more year until 30!

Thanks to everyone who called or e-mailed happy birthday wishes this past Wednesday.

As someone pointed more year until 30!

How did I celebrate?

A couple of weeks ago Justin and I celebrated just the two of us. So on Wednesday Justin, Jackson, Amanda, and I went to dinner. Justin and Jackson went home afterwards while Amanda and I had some "birthday drinks". (Perfect timing to have Amanda in town - what fun!)

Someone actually asked me if I was celebrating my twenty first....I politely said no. :)

Tonight I am celebrating with my family at the Indians' game. Can't wait!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Michelle!

Justin, Michelle, and Tom at Zoobilation 08

I just wanted to post a quick Happy Birthday wish to my sister, Michelle!

Happy Birthday from the Bixler's!

We love you very much!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My little champ!

Jackson rolled over again. And this time, I saw it.

I screamed as any proud mom would have. He did it! He rolled over.

I'm certain others would have thought he scored the winning touch down at the Super Bowl.

For me, it was the Super Bowl! My little champ!

Now...if I could only catch it on camera. Stay tuned.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Our Little Fish!

In my family, Summertime is spent in Mama and Papa's pool.

For years Justin and I have watched our nieces and nephews jump off the diving board, race to the end and back, and argue over which inner tube they get to use.

So, of course, I couldn't wait to put Jackson in the pool to take part in this Symmes family ritual.

Sunday was hot, but kind of cloudy. We decided it wouldn't hurt to put Jackson in the pool for a few minutes.

Being the first time parents that we are, we set up the video camera, got out the digital camera, and Jackson became a "fish" like all the other grandkids.

Enjoy some photos of Jackson's first time in Mama and Papa's pool.

Also....check out our online web album (link on right of blog) to see the other "family fish".

Class of 1998!

Highland High School Class of 1998

Buddies: Jt, Jake, Adam, Justin, and Joe

Tech Prep Class of 1998

The Wives: Sara, Lora, Kristen, Amy (soon-to-be wife of Shawn - Can't wait!), and Kellie

Even the principal came! Mr. Brown enjoying the electric slide!

This past weekend Justin and I attended his ten year class reunion.

Justin has this amazing group of friends who have been close since middle school (this explains why we had 10 groomsman and 6 ushers at our wedding). These guys have stayed close through the years and have a friendship that many couldn't imagine with their highschool friends.
Since Justin and I have been married, these guys have become my friends. Their wives have become some of the best girlfriends a girl could ask for.

We see these people almost weekly. Email and text almost daily.

So Justin's ten-year reunion was not only a chance to see old friends whom he hadn't seen in years, it was just another reason to have fun with our closest of friends.
We had ton's of fun! Enjoy some photos!
Hint: click on the photo to view a larger version.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Uhhhh! I missed it!

As if going back to work wasn't hard enough...Jackson rolled over my second day back!

And...I missed it.

Justin got to see it though. At least one of us did.

I have tried each night since then to see it. No luck!

Doesn't Jackson know he is to save all his tricks for when I am home?

I've got the video camera on and will post a clip of him rolling over as soon as I catch him!

Stay tuned..........

Way to go Tommy B!

My sister Michelle and my nieces, Olivia and Madeline, recently went on vacation. This time...without my brother-in-law Tom. Tom had to stay behind because he is in charge of all the electrical and plumbing aspects of the new Lucas Oil Stadium downtown Indy.

Justin and I knew Tom was pretty sad that he had to stay behind so we asked him to lunch (though he paid...ha!). While at lunch we convinced him to give us a behind the scenes tour of the new stadium.

Yep, Justin and I put on work boots and hard hats to fit right in. Tom showed us around. He knows that place like the back of his hand! Of course, Tom starting talking about wires, servers, and other electrical terms I have never heard. I just kept my eye out for Peyton Manning...but no such luck!

However, Tom took Justin and I down to the field. It was amazing. We stood there and looked up at all those seats. For just a second I thought about what it would be like to play on that field every week in front of all those people.

Tom's tour even included a trip to the Colts' locker room. For a brief moment I thought about hiding out in Peyton's locker until game day...but decided I would need to eat between now and then.

Justin and I left the tour amazed at the new stadium and talked about how proud we are of Tom! Tom has been so dedicated to the stadium for months now and I am certain the stadium is better because of it!

Way to go Tommy B! You deserve a cold tasty at that first Colts' game! Cheers to you! photos from our tour. But here's a photo of Tom, Michelle, and Jackson.

Ouch! Jackson receives his first shots.

Whoever came up with the famous parenting phrase "this will hurt me more than it hurts you" is so very smart.

Jackson recently had his first immunizations. It had been on the calendar for a month. I had been dreading it for weeks. First, you have to understand that when my dogs, Oscar and Sophie, have shots...I leave the room. So how was I supposed to watch Jackson get his first shots?

In an stressed phone call to my mom I hinted I might leave the room. She firmly stated that I needed to be with Jackson. I immediately checked with Justin to make sure he couldn't rearrange his work schedule and attend the appointment. No such luck.

So the dreaded day came.
Here is how it went: I called the doctor to see if I could give Jackson baby Tylenol before I left. I got the green light. Jackson sucked down the Tylenol not knowing about the three needles in his future thirty minutes from now. Next, I got Jackson buckled in and off we went. I immediately got a phone call from Justin reminding me to stop for gas. This flustered me even more. I told Justin I was certain that it was his fault I was low on gas (probably not...but it sounded good at the time).

When we were called into the doctor's office the nurse asked me to strip Jackson down to a dry diaper before she weighed him. Dry diaper? Hmmm.....I forgot the diaper bag. I was so flustered I left it home. Luckily, Jackson was dry.

Finally it was time for the dreaded event. The nurse who gave him the immunizations lacked a little compassion....for a first time mom. She said to me, "Well...he's got to have them. He's gonna have them his whole life!" I looked up just in time for her to add, "so get used to it." Thanks for the encouragement lady!

Jackson cried and so did I.

Jackson managed to survive and stay upbeat most of the day. Justin came home as soon as he could to scoop him up and give him some extra love. This one goes down in the books as harder on the parents than the baby. Whew.
Thanks to all who called to check on Jackson...and on me!

Enjoy some photos from this horrible event. :)

I'm back at work!

After 10 weeks of diaper and bottle duty, I traded in my sweats for dress clothes. It was bitter sweet. I was ready to work and have adult conversation, but not ready to leave Jackson everyday.

The night before I returned to work, I started crying when I put him to bed. Why is this so hard? I have always wanted to be a working mother. Others tried telling me it would be hard, I didn't believe them. But as one wise co-worker pointed out on my first day back, "It wouldn't be right if it didn't tug at your heart strings to leave him everyday." Well put.

For the next 6 weeks Jackson will be spending his days with Grandma Penny, Grandma Charsh, and Aunt Amanda (Huge thanks to all three). We are very grateful that Jackson won't have to start Day Care until after Labor Day. What great family and friends!

Side Note: Amanda has never changed a diaper! Please stay tuned. I am certain there will be another post about Amanda's week with Jackson! We can't wait!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

...And baby makes three!

We did it (or should I say I did it)!

We survived 9 months of pregnancy and almost 2 days of labor. Boy, is he worth every second!

Thanks to all of our friends and family who sat in the lobby of the hospital or called every hour to hear how the progress (or lack there of) was coming. All of your encouragement helped!

Jackson is so lucky to be loved by so many people...and so are his mom and dad!