Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Act your Age!

This week my Mom and Grandma are staying with us to help out with Jackson while we are at work. Needless to say, Jackson is getting plenty of love!

Yesterday, Justin knew he had an evening full of yard work. He contemplated putting it off because of the heat. However, when he pulled into the drive yesterday to find my 84-year old grandmother pulling weeds he figured the heat shouldn't stop him at 28-years of age!

When I got home I told my Grandma that she shouldn't have been out in the heat. She replied, "Oh Honey, I'm not going to let a little heat stop me."

.... I wonder what it will take for her to slow down and begin to "act her age!"

P.S. When I told my sisters of her weeding in the heat, they both said, "Send her to my house!"

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