Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ouch! Jackson receives his first shots.

Whoever came up with the famous parenting phrase "this will hurt me more than it hurts you" is so very smart.

Jackson recently had his first immunizations. It had been on the calendar for a month. I had been dreading it for weeks. First, you have to understand that when my dogs, Oscar and Sophie, have shots...I leave the room. So how was I supposed to watch Jackson get his first shots?

In an stressed phone call to my mom I hinted I might leave the room. She firmly stated that I needed to be with Jackson. I immediately checked with Justin to make sure he couldn't rearrange his work schedule and attend the appointment. No such luck.

So the dreaded day came.
Here is how it went: I called the doctor to see if I could give Jackson baby Tylenol before I left. I got the green light. Jackson sucked down the Tylenol not knowing about the three needles in his future thirty minutes from now. Next, I got Jackson buckled in and off we went. I immediately got a phone call from Justin reminding me to stop for gas. This flustered me even more. I told Justin I was certain that it was his fault I was low on gas (probably not...but it sounded good at the time).

When we were called into the doctor's office the nurse asked me to strip Jackson down to a dry diaper before she weighed him. Dry diaper? Hmmm.....I forgot the diaper bag. I was so flustered I left it home. Luckily, Jackson was dry.

Finally it was time for the dreaded event. The nurse who gave him the immunizations lacked a little compassion....for a first time mom. She said to me, "Well...he's got to have them. He's gonna have them his whole life!" I looked up just in time for her to add, "so get used to it." Thanks for the encouragement lady!

Jackson cried and so did I.

Jackson managed to survive and stay upbeat most of the day. Justin came home as soon as he could to scoop him up and give him some extra love. This one goes down in the books as harder on the parents than the baby. Whew.
Thanks to all who called to check on Jackson...and on me!

Enjoy some photos from this horrible event. :)

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