Thursday, September 30, 2010

McDonald's Date with Jackson

This morning, I treated Jackson to breakfast at McDonald's before heading to pre-school.

It was actually a treat for me. He is growing so fast and is interested in so many things. Jackson loves to count anything. This morning we counted the school buses we passed on our way to breakfast.

Jackson also loves to tell me about school. This morning I heard all about how Zack-y-poo (Ms. Harold calls Zack this and now so does Jackson) got news shoes. However, Jackson pointed out to me that Zack's shoes don't light up like his new shoes do. :)

It was such a fun date. Our time together ended with Jackson telling me "Time to go see Ms. Harold, Mommy." He sure does love her and loves his time at school. Melts my heart!

Enjoy some photos from our date!

P.S. Sorry for the break in blog posts - I've been sick - starting to feel a little better!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The "Big House"

Most of you know that Justin and I have made a habit out of moving. In 8 years, we have moved 6 times - we are about to make that 7 times. However, we are both committed to unpacking every box this time before moving again - and creating lots of memories in our next home.

After returning home from vacation in May, Justin and I both decided it was time for us to quit renting. Our lease was up and we knew that Fishers is where we wanted to raise our family. No more plans to move. After all our moves - we both realize the importance of being close to our family and friends. Besides - who would babysit if we lived far away???

We decided to build a home that would fit our family for years to come. One that we would call home as we watched Jackson grow. One that we will one day bring another baby home to when we decide to grow our family. We wanted a house that will allow us to create memories for our family - a house we can call home.

I can't wait to get started making these memories. I can't wait to watch Jackson play in our back yard, run down the stairs to see if Santa has come, or one day do his homework at the island in the kitchen. I look forward to Justin and I sharing a home office again like we once did in our Bloomington home. I am excited to host friends on our patio, getting to know our new neighbors (who by the way have a little boy exactly Jackson's age), and to quiet nights watching movies with Justin in our family room.

Jackson is getting excited too. Justin, Jackson and I drive out to the house each day and Jackson refers to it as the "Big House". Jackson LOVES to show people which room is his room and tell about his television his Daddy has promised!

Finding a home to "settle down" in has been our dream the past few years. We are a month away from having our dream come true...and I can't wait to start living it.

Lots more to come about the house as we get closer to the finished product...for now, here are a few photos!''

Our trip to the Indianapolis Zoo!

Enjoy some photos from our recent trip to the Indianapolis Zoo!

Love this photo of Justin and Jackson - Just so sweet!

Enjoy this video of Jackson "Running against the Cheetah's"

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meet "Paci"

Many of you know how attached Jackson is to his "Paci."

I often joke that he will be taking his paci on dates when he is older.

He is only allowed the Paci during naptime while he is at pre-school. This usually isn't a problem for Jackson. However, Ms. Harold recently shared that Jackson was having a tough day at school and she found Jackson with his head literally "in" his cubby. When she approached him to find out what he was doing - she said it turned out he was getting a "quick-fix" with his paci. He quickly put it away and went about his day. Hilarious!

A few days after Ms. Herald found Jackson in his cubby for his "Paci Break" she was working with him on some artwork. He had drawn a picture of a person and was asked to give his "friend" a name. Ms. Herald said that most kids were naming each other, or they were naming the picture "Mommy" or "Daddy". Our child named his friend "Paci."

Of course he did...

Enjoy the artwork. Jackson is enjoying his Paci! :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just had to share...

One of my favorite photos from Summer....

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Boys of Fall!

Its football season.

And no one could be happier than Jackson.

During a recent visit with my nephews Jackson was thrilled to be "one of the boys" during a backyard game of football.

He's even mastered the "tackle." Though I am already holding my breath when he plays - this sport is hard on Mom's!

Check on this sweet video of the boys having fun. Its something we will treasure for a long time.

A big thanks to Griffin and Hayden for allowing Jackson to join in on the fun!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, Pop!

Last weekend, we were able to celebrate Justin's Dad's birthday (AKA Pop).

Fun was had by all!

Check out the photos from such a great night!

Little Justin!

Jackson and Pop

Happy Birthday, John! Thank you for always being so wonderful to our family!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Best Wishes to Tyler and Audrey!

It is a little late...but Best Wishes are overdue to my "Baby" cousin and his wife - Audrey.

Tyler and Audrey asked Jackson (along with all of the little ones from my family) to be in their wedding. I was nervous that he wouldn't do as he was asked - and make it down the aisle - but he was a champ!

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed sharing in Tyler and Audrey's special day. The wedding was so beautiful and the reception was so fun! Justin and I didn't leave until the music stopped! :)

Best wishes to Tyler and Audrey - we hope you enjoy married life - it suits you well! :)

More pictures below...

It isn't a wedding unless Justin breaks out the "Dirty Diana" moves!

Monday, September 6, 2010

He can't be my kid!!

Jackson just can't be my kid. Not only does he only look like Justin - but this kid doesn't like Ice Cream! In fact, I'm not sure he has ever tasted it. When I put it in front of him he says "I no like it"...and he's serious!

Most kids can be bribed with ice cream. No such luck here. Jackson will turn his nose up to it any day.

Recently, Jackson was asked to list his favorite foods and his not-so-favorite foods at school.

Check out what made the list! At least he's consistent.

...And he is right on with the watermelon. He can't get enough...but what kid doesn't like ice cream!?!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

He loves to JAM!

Most of you know what a Michael Jackson fan Justin is. So it won't surprise you that the CD in his truck is no other than MJ's greatest hits. Jackson has come quite the Michael Jackson fan himself due to many car rides with Dad. It is hilarious to hear him ask for his favorite song - JAM. Justin and Jackson even have dance moves. I decided to catch Jackson's dance moves on camera - Justin on the other hand requested I not record his! :)

My nieces - Olivia and Madeline - were with us and Jackson loved having a couple dance partners!

Enjoy the video! We sure did!