Thursday, September 30, 2010

McDonald's Date with Jackson

This morning, I treated Jackson to breakfast at McDonald's before heading to pre-school.

It was actually a treat for me. He is growing so fast and is interested in so many things. Jackson loves to count anything. This morning we counted the school buses we passed on our way to breakfast.

Jackson also loves to tell me about school. This morning I heard all about how Zack-y-poo (Ms. Harold calls Zack this and now so does Jackson) got news shoes. However, Jackson pointed out to me that Zack's shoes don't light up like his new shoes do. :)

It was such a fun date. Our time together ended with Jackson telling me "Time to go see Ms. Harold, Mommy." He sure does love her and loves his time at school. Melts my heart!

Enjoy some photos from our date!

P.S. Sorry for the break in blog posts - I've been sick - starting to feel a little better!

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