Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Re-Cap 2011

I finally got some time to sit down and go through our photos from Christmas!

This year, the holiday was so fun from the minute we started decorating our home. Jackson's excitement for every holiday activity made it more than worth it.

Christmas morning he ran into our bedroom and shouted, "Mom, Santa left presents...he didn't leave me coal!" I never doubted that Jackson was on the Good List...but I think there were times he was sweating it out! :)

Enjoy a little photo-video of our Christmas! We were very lucky to be surrounded by family and friends all month long.

Jackson is already planning his list for Santa next year...oh boy!

Click here for full screen video.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mamaw Marge!

Mamaw Marge with her children - Roger, John, Jennifer, and Penny.

The Creason Family Christmas - 2011

2005 - Todd, Mamaw Marge, Ashley, and Justin

Mamaw Marge bought Jackson his very first bike!

We want to take the time for a very special post ... for a very special lady, MAMAW MARGE!

Tonight we got to celebrate her 84th birthday. We drove to Anderson to "Mamaw Marge's Special Hospital" as Jackson refers the nursing home. We gathered with Justin's family for Pizza and chocolate cake. We brought Mamaw Marge Paradise cookies and Jackson kept his eye on them until she offered to share. :)

Mamaw Marge is a very neat lady. From the minute you meet her, you know exactly what she thinks of you...but yet she still remains one of the sweetest people I know. I love the way she lights up when Jackson comes to visit. I can still remember her getting on the floor to play with Jackson when he was a baby...this wasn't an easy task for her due to her health, but she certainly wasn't going to miss a chance to be with Jackson. And more recently, I see her look at her newest great-grandson - Wyatt the same way.

Mamaw Marge keeps us laughing. She will often give me her opinion on the latest local weather girl or on the latest Bachelor cast-off (I usually agree, by the way). I also love that at 84 she has kept up with reality television and tunes into to American Idol each week (rumor has it she even voted for Clay Aiken).

Justin has such great memories of spending time with his Gradma and I love to hear about them. We are both so lucky to have her in our life - but even more lucky that Jackson is getting to know this great lady too.

Happy Birthday Mamaw Marge...we love you!!!