Friday, August 23, 2013

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Meet the Teacher Night

How am I supposed to get through the first day of Kindergarten when I can't even get through "Meet the Teacher night" without crying!?!

Seeing Jackson in his soon-to-be classroom seemed as if he aged years in that very moment.

Jackson was shy at first, but was right at home in a matter of minutes.  I on the other hand stood in awe that the sweet baby boy that made me fall in love with being a mom was approaching a day when his Mom wasn't needed (ok, I know I am still needed).

Who let this baby grow up to be a Kindergartner?

Of course, my love for school kicked in and I was reminded how excited I was for him.  He will learn so much and will grow leaps and bounds this year.  I looked around the room and saw so many children that will become instant friends for Jackson.  I also saw Jackson's best buddy ( and our next door neighbor), Ryne one table over.  So great that they will have one another.
So, Kindergarten starts in less than 48 hours.  I'll be spending those gathering tissues and picking what bar I will be hitting up after the bus pulls away!  (Ok...I'm joking about the bar!...Sort of!)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hello? Hello? Any one there?

Hi.  Remember us?

Yes.  Its been a while since our last post...a whole new person has joined our family and needless to say life is busy!  And, while I love updating our blog and writing about our adventures in parenting - time spent sitting at my computer to write uninterrupted doesn't come very often....I mean it NEVER happens.

My goal is to start writing and posting more often.  I enjoy keeping you all up to date with the happenings of our lives and not just rely on Facebook posts to do so.  I could go back and post about all that you have missed (and I may from time to time) but I think the best is to pick up where we are and keep my promise to post more often.

And just to prove a point - I was interrupted 4 times while I typed the above two paragraphs.  Ahhhh.....

Just a few notes for those that may be new to our blog:
- I will have typos, grammar errors, and etc.  I usually update late a night when one eye is already shut and I'm half awake. Please do not e-mail me to point out the errors (yes, this has happened).
- I'll probably swear.  Its what I do.  I'm not a bad person - but it keeps my sanity.
- As much as I am promising to keep up with the posting...I am sure I will fail at times.  Please understand that this "Mom sh!t" is hard and capturing it in a blog post makes it even harder.

And with that....our family blog is Active! Welcome Back!