Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hello? Hello? Any one there?

Hi.  Remember us?

Yes.  Its been a while since our last post...a whole new person has joined our family and needless to say life is busy!  And, while I love updating our blog and writing about our adventures in parenting - time spent sitting at my computer to write uninterrupted doesn't come very often....I mean it NEVER happens.

My goal is to start writing and posting more often.  I enjoy keeping you all up to date with the happenings of our lives and not just rely on Facebook posts to do so.  I could go back and post about all that you have missed (and I may from time to time) but I think the best is to pick up where we are and keep my promise to post more often.

And just to prove a point - I was interrupted 4 times while I typed the above two paragraphs.  Ahhhh.....

Just a few notes for those that may be new to our blog:
- I will have typos, grammar errors, and etc.  I usually update late a night when one eye is already shut and I'm half awake. Please do not e-mail me to point out the errors (yes, this has happened).
- I'll probably swear.  Its what I do.  I'm not a bad person - but it keeps my sanity.
- As much as I am promising to keep up with the posting...I am sure I will fail at times.  Please understand that this "Mom sh!t" is hard and capturing it in a blog post makes it even harder.

And with that....our family blog is Active! Welcome Back!

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