Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter has come and gone...but don't tell Jackson.

Jackson still asks us each night to re-hide his eggs "like the Easter Bunny did" and he finds them....then we do it again. It was so sweet to see him really enjoy the fun this year!

Our Easter holiday started early in the week with the Easter Eggstravaganza at pre-school where Jackson met the Easter Bunny and decorated an egg. It was nice to join him for this event and see him in his environment at school.

Jackson and I were able to participate in our neighborhood Easter egg hunt with this new friends - Ryne and Morgan. Jackson enjoyed every minute of it - especially when he got to eat his Hershey Kisses - his new favorite.

Easter weekend was also Justin's sister's (Ashley) birthday. We celebrated with the Bixler's at our house where Jackson also got to color Easter eggs. It was nice that everyone joined in on the fun.

Easter morning was so fun! We loved watching Jackson sneak downstairs to see if the Easter Bunny left him a basket. He was very impressed that the Easter Bunny hid the eggs that he had colored the night before!

Easter was filled with family fun. We visited with Justin's family at Mama Marge's house and then went to my Grandma's for her annual Easter Egg hunt. The kids look forward to it each year. This year the hunt had to be inside - but that didn't stop Jackson. My Mom and Grandma had such great treats for all the kids...and it just isn't Easter without my Mom's Bunny Cake. One of my favorites!

Enjoy some photos from our Easter weekend. We hope yours was wonderful too!

You can watch it hear if your browser cuts off the movie : http://youtu.be/TK12rsRH6DQ

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!


Happy Easter! We hoped everyone enjoyed today with celebration along with family and friends. We certainly did. Jackson loves days like today when we get to see all of our family.

It was wonderful to share Easter with Jackson as he really got excited about the Easter Bunny and coloring Eggs.

Please stay tuned for our Easter Post. It is 10pm (This is Easter Bunny is tired) - and we have just arrived back home after a wonderful day with our families! We can't wait to share stories and pictures from today!

Easter Post coming soon....

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Pacifier for Papaw Mike?

It is no secret. Jackson LOVES his pacifier.

It is also no secret that it is time to give it up.

We thought about leaving it for Santa Claus at Christmas, but Justin was afraid Jackson would then resent Santa Claus.

So, we decided Jackson should leave it for the Easter Bunny (My mom says it worked for me when I was 3).

But, then we decided we don't want to fly with Jackson NOT having a pacifier.

So then it was pushed until after our Disney vacation.

However, Justin and Jackson spent some time at the cementary last week planting trees at my Dad's grave as a favor to my Mom. I was with my sister-in-law, Ashley, in Fishers when my cell phone rang. It was Justin. Justin explained that Jackson had something to tell me. Jackson got on the phone - and here is how the next few minutes went (on speaker phone so Ashley could hear too):

Me: Hi Buddy!

Jackson: Hi Mommy!

Me: What's Up?

Jackson: Hey Mommy, I gave my Paci to Papaw Mike.

Ashley and I look at each other confused.

Me. What Buddy?

Jackson: Yeah! Daddy dug a hole. I put my Paci in there and Daddy put some dirt on it. I left Papaw Mike my Paci.

Ashley and I are both wiping tears from our eyes.

Me: Buddy, that is very sweet - I just know Papaw will take good care of it.

Jackson: But Mommy?

Me: Yes, Buddy?

Jackson: But, now I don't have a Paci?!?

Apparently Justin forgot to explain how this works....Needless to say - Jackson had a Pacifier when I got home that night.

A sweet gesture. One I will always remember. My Dad was on my mind a lot that day and this story touched my heart. But as sweet as it was - it was unsuccessful....

So- we are still sticking with the "After Disney" plan....

Wish us luck!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ready, Set, Catch Up....

Friends and Family,

It may seem that I have slacked on the posting lately - and it is very true.

But not because we don't have pictures or funny stories to share - but only because we have a very energetic little boy (who hasn't found a bedtime before 9:30) who barely lets us have a minute to ourselves. And truth be told - we are loving being the parents of an almost - three year old - even if it does mean less time to blog, read a book, paint my nails (why bother when I break them playing football or digging in the dirt with Jackson).

Another reason you haven't seen many new posts is that we have been busy with a couple home improvement projects. We have decided neither one of us is made out for HGTV - we just don't have the patience for this stuff....but it certainly has been fun (and stressful).

Family and Friends are another reason - why we are certainly blessed with both - we have been busy celebrating achievements, babysitting my nieces, and celebrating 30th-plus birthdays with friends...what fun!

Like everyone else in Indianapolis...we got swept away by Butler's magical run in March and cheered for the Bulldogs with friends when we could....

Bottom line is...I know I'm behind on posting. I hope to pick it back up...as I love sharing our fun with all of you. So for now, here is a short video of what you've missed....the good, the bad, and the ugly (my second round of Pink Eye!)....

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our Little Fish...

I know you may find this as a bit of a surprise - but until recently we haven't been able to find a swim vest/belt that would keep Jackson's weight up-right in the pool. Everything we found - required him to weigh more than he did (gasp! more than our little tank?). So a couple weeks ago, I was determined to find a swim vest that would allow him to swim on his own and keep up with his friends and cousins this summer. We recently tested it out at the YMCA. In a matter of minutes, Jackson was taking off on his own.

Jackson's new "freedom" in the pool made him be a little more exhausted after a long swim. He ate an entire Subway sandwich when we were done and fell asleep minutes into our car ride home.

I remember ending many summer nights just the same! :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

All Boy...

Jackson is all boy. No doubt about it.

All boy - and the bruises on his knees and elbows to prove it.

As we have settled into our new home since moving in, Jackson has found all sorts of new things to do.

Check out what he loves most about our hard wood floors!

Sorry about the sound - not sure why that didn't work. Ugh, Technology!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Remember Sophie?

Remember Sophie?

Today, I got a text message from Justin's Mom, Penny. I was working and quickly glanced to see that it was a picture of her and a dog. I just assumed it was Oscar (our dog that has taken up semi-permanent residence at my in-law's home during our many moves). After thinking to myself, "Why would she send me a picture of her and Oscar?" - I glanced again...only to notice it was our old dog Sophie!

In our first few years of marriage we brought in two dogs into our home. Oscar and Sophie. Sophie came second - and was to be a buddy to Oscar. As much as Sophie loved Oscar - Oscar didn't want a buddy.

Sophie was a great dog - but one with lots of energy. All of that energy got in the way of her learning to be potty-trained...along with many other things. Long story short - we had to find her a new home. It was very hard. We are lucky enough to know her new owner personally and have been able to stay in touch - but have not seen Sophie since our last day with her. We even received a "Merry Christmas" text from Sophie this year. It made our day.

So today - I immediately called my Mother-in-law to ask how in the world there was a pic on my phone of she and Sophie. Turns out she was driving along Fall Creek and saw a lady walking a dog. As if she had just seen Sophie yesterday, Penny shouted, "That is Sophie!" My father-in-law immediately turned around so they could find out for sure and sure enough - it was Sophie!

Penny and Sophie

Sophie was very happy to see Penny (lots of kisses) - truth be told Penny was better to Sophie than we were - and missed her just as much.

It was obvious that Sophie is in good hands and enjoys afternoon walks with her new owner. It was also said that her favorite habit is "chasing squirrels." Yep. That sounds like Sophie!

Situations like these can often go badly - we feel so lucky to know that Sophie is in such good hands. It is also nice to know that Sophie remembers being loved by her "old family" too.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Sorry no posts this week.

It sure was a busy one...

We celebrated Mama Penny's birthday (a larger celebration to come this weekend).

We spent two evenings at the YMCA swimming (and eating cookies...)

I spent one evening helping my niece Olivia practice for the 7th grade Cheerleading Try-outs (brought back the memories!)

...now, we are all ready to cheer on the Butler Bulldogs!

It is Butler Friday at Pre-School. A big thanks to Mama and Pop for the Butler T-shirt!