Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ready, Set, Catch Up....

Friends and Family,

It may seem that I have slacked on the posting lately - and it is very true.

But not because we don't have pictures or funny stories to share - but only because we have a very energetic little boy (who hasn't found a bedtime before 9:30) who barely lets us have a minute to ourselves. And truth be told - we are loving being the parents of an almost - three year old - even if it does mean less time to blog, read a book, paint my nails (why bother when I break them playing football or digging in the dirt with Jackson).

Another reason you haven't seen many new posts is that we have been busy with a couple home improvement projects. We have decided neither one of us is made out for HGTV - we just don't have the patience for this stuff....but it certainly has been fun (and stressful).

Family and Friends are another reason - why we are certainly blessed with both - we have been busy celebrating achievements, babysitting my nieces, and celebrating 30th-plus birthdays with friends...what fun!

Like everyone else in Indianapolis...we got swept away by Butler's magical run in March and cheered for the Bulldogs with friends when we could....

Bottom line is...I know I'm behind on posting. I hope to pick it back I love sharing our fun with all of you. So for now, here is a short video of what you've missed....the good, the bad, and the ugly (my second round of Pink Eye!)....

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