Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter has come and gone...but don't tell Jackson.

Jackson still asks us each night to re-hide his eggs "like the Easter Bunny did" and he finds them....then we do it again. It was so sweet to see him really enjoy the fun this year!

Our Easter holiday started early in the week with the Easter Eggstravaganza at pre-school where Jackson met the Easter Bunny and decorated an egg. It was nice to join him for this event and see him in his environment at school.

Jackson and I were able to participate in our neighborhood Easter egg hunt with this new friends - Ryne and Morgan. Jackson enjoyed every minute of it - especially when he got to eat his Hershey Kisses - his new favorite.

Easter weekend was also Justin's sister's (Ashley) birthday. We celebrated with the Bixler's at our house where Jackson also got to color Easter eggs. It was nice that everyone joined in on the fun.

Easter morning was so fun! We loved watching Jackson sneak downstairs to see if the Easter Bunny left him a basket. He was very impressed that the Easter Bunny hid the eggs that he had colored the night before!

Easter was filled with family fun. We visited with Justin's family at Mama Marge's house and then went to my Grandma's for her annual Easter Egg hunt. The kids look forward to it each year. This year the hunt had to be inside - but that didn't stop Jackson. My Mom and Grandma had such great treats for all the kids...and it just isn't Easter without my Mom's Bunny Cake. One of my favorites!

Enjoy some photos from our Easter weekend. We hope yours was wonderful too!

You can watch it hear if your browser cuts off the movie : http://youtu.be/TK12rsRH6DQ

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