Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our Little Fish...

I know you may find this as a bit of a surprise - but until recently we haven't been able to find a swim vest/belt that would keep Jackson's weight up-right in the pool. Everything we found - required him to weigh more than he did (gasp! more than our little tank?). So a couple weeks ago, I was determined to find a swim vest that would allow him to swim on his own and keep up with his friends and cousins this summer. We recently tested it out at the YMCA. In a matter of minutes, Jackson was taking off on his own.

Jackson's new "freedom" in the pool made him be a little more exhausted after a long swim. He ate an entire Subway sandwich when we were done and fell asleep minutes into our car ride home.

I remember ending many summer nights just the same! :)

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