Sunday, September 25, 2011


Just winding down a weekend of "cousin time" with Jackson's cousins- Olivia and Madeline.

Olivia and Madeline spent the weekend with us while their parents were out enjoying some "adult time.".

We enjoyed spending time with them. We played Monopoly, baked cookies and they even taught Jackson the days of the week! ;) (video to come soon)

But no one enjoyed themselves more than Jackson. He loved having his cousins at The Big House!

I love that he loves them so much!!

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Bixler Family Road Trip!

About a month ago, Justin and I planned a "Bixler Family Road-Trip." Destination? Cincinnati.
When I was young - each summer my family would "Road Trip" to Cincinnati and take in a Reds baseball game, overnight in a hotel, and then hit the roller-coasters at Kings Island the next day. We decided to recreate this weekend with our little family of three.

This trip marked Jackson's first MLB game. I couldn't tell who was more excited - Justin or Jackson. Though we didn't catch a foul ball - Jackson still went home with an official practice ball. A big thanks to the "Hot Dog Guy" for scooping up practice balls from earlier that day and giving them to the "little Reds' Fans," like Jackson. He was thrilled!

Kings Island was a hit with Jackson. He instantly asked to ride The Beast...but we settled on the Great Pumpkin Ride. The only time we left Snoopy World was the take in the Water Park. Jackson loved the water slides and Justin and I loved the people watching! :)

The whole weekend was wonderful - three days with nothing but family time. It was much needed after such a busy summer.

I hate that I have gotten behind on the blogging updates - but it was nice to pull out these pictures a month later and remember what a great time we had. My favorite moment was sitting on the tailgate of the truck - watching the fireworks - eating Kings Island junk food because we never stopped riding the rides to eat dinner. Nothing beats a tailgate, Chicken nuggets, and fireworks at the end of a great family day!

Enjoy some pictures from such a fun weekend!

Walking to the Stadium with Daddy!
Got a new Reds hat!

Finding our seats!

Jackson and Daddy!

Go Reds!

It isn't a baseball game unless you have a Hot Dog!

Jackson was so pumped over the ball!

...and then we hit Kings Island!

Not sure if this his "loving this ride" face.

Snoopy cup we just HAD to have!
Just hanging out with Charlie Brown

So Fun!
Yep - I do love water slides!

... and so does Jackson! :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Get Well Justin!

A big thanks to those of you who called or text to check on Justin during his recent emergency Appendectomy.

Before Surgery!

A big "thanks" to my nieces for bringing Justin a "get well" balloon. ;). You are never too old for a balloon!

Happy to report Justin is home and already worried about work, what he will eat next, and complaining about my nursing ability. ;). I'd say he is on his way to being himself! ;).

Get Well Soon, Justin!

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Bixler's Hit NYC!!!

Last month, Justin and I planned a quick weekend in New York. I was flying to New Jersey for a week of training for work - and we thought if Justin hopped on a plane to NYC the weekend before training - it might just have the makings of a great weekend away. We were right.

We knew we wouldn't be in the City for long. We decided on two things we wanted to do. (1) Shopping (2) A Yankees Baseball game.

For those of you who know Justin, know that he loves the Yankees. So by marriage - so do I. I have grown to know the history, some stats, and very clear view on how HANDSOME Derick Jeter truly is. :)

Justin nor I had been to the new stadium and we couldn't wait. Part of the fun for me was watching Justin become so excited as game time grew closer. I love experiencing things like this with Justin! Nothing better than marking things of your Bucket List!

We lucked out - and got to see the Yankees win that day! Even better.

Enjoy some pics! I enjoyed looking at them tonight - and loved remembering how excited Justin was!

On our last day - we found a pub in Hoboken to watch the Brickyard 400. Note to self - If you don't want to stick out like a HOOSIER in NYC - don't be the only person cheering out loud for Jeff Gordon - or for Nascar in general. But we loved it. We even snapped a photo or two of our favorite "Baker" in Hoboken - THE CAKE BOSS!

It was a great weekend. Two full days with my husband. I love that we still have fun - just the two of us - not matter where we are!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Remember Me??

Yep. Still Alive. Still Here.

More posts are coming soon - I promise.

I can't wait to share stories and photos from our weekend in NYC, Jackson's first trip to Kings Island, and more photos as we wrap up summer.

Thanks for always checking in on our family...and for your patience as I am learning to balance family and a new job ... I'm feeling back in the groove!

Happy Hump Day!