Monday, September 12, 2011

The Bixler's Hit NYC!!!

Last month, Justin and I planned a quick weekend in New York. I was flying to New Jersey for a week of training for work - and we thought if Justin hopped on a plane to NYC the weekend before training - it might just have the makings of a great weekend away. We were right.

We knew we wouldn't be in the City for long. We decided on two things we wanted to do. (1) Shopping (2) A Yankees Baseball game.

For those of you who know Justin, know that he loves the Yankees. So by marriage - so do I. I have grown to know the history, some stats, and very clear view on how HANDSOME Derick Jeter truly is. :)

Justin nor I had been to the new stadium and we couldn't wait. Part of the fun for me was watching Justin become so excited as game time grew closer. I love experiencing things like this with Justin! Nothing better than marking things of your Bucket List!

We lucked out - and got to see the Yankees win that day! Even better.

Enjoy some pics! I enjoyed looking at them tonight - and loved remembering how excited Justin was!

On our last day - we found a pub in Hoboken to watch the Brickyard 400. Note to self - If you don't want to stick out like a HOOSIER in NYC - don't be the only person cheering out loud for Jeff Gordon - or for Nascar in general. But we loved it. We even snapped a photo or two of our favorite "Baker" in Hoboken - THE CAKE BOSS!

It was a great weekend. Two full days with my husband. I love that we still have fun - just the two of us - not matter where we are!

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