Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jackson's First Pumpkin Carving

Jackson was too little to take part in carving a pumpkin last year.  

This year, I thought he would show a little more interest.  What I forgot to factor in was the fact that he would have to get dirty - something my "little pumpkin" doesn't enjoy!

The pictures tell the story...

"Hey Dad, what are you doing to my pumpkin?"

"Oh look, Mom is taking my picture - CHEESE!"

"You want me to put my hand in there?"

"Ummmm....can someone get me a wipe!"

Snack Break - "Keep working, Dad"

Justin needed some instructing...

Then he needed a little more instructing...

The finished product

"You stay out here, Pumpkin!"

Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Mom of the Year" reason #137

Motherhood is an adventure.  A fun one.  A humble one.  One that teaches you to laugh...even at yourself.  

I am often quoting reasons why I won't be winning "Mother of the Year" this year.  Always saying, "there is always next year."  Maybe by the time Jackson is in his 30's - I might stand a chance!  :)

Last week - I had another "Mom of the Year" moment...

I had changed Jackson's diaper just before leaving for pre-school.  I ran into my bathroom for just a quick check in the mirror and some last minute lip-gloss.  

I found Jackson playing with his toys and we both rushed to the car.  

Our day went on as usual.  

When I arrived to pick him up, Ms. Arthur explained that they changed Jackson's diaper 2 hours after he had arrived -- only to find that he had no diaper on to begin with.  Yep!  That's right folks - I sent my 18 month old child to pre-school without a diaper.  

HOWEVER - I know I put a diaper on him.  One of Jackson's latest tricks is to reach into his pants and rip his diaper out.  He will put the diaper in the trash and just go on about his way "Free Willy" style.  Super!

I explained this to Ms. Arthur (who I was certain thought I "forgot" to put a diaper on him).  She laughed and explained that a lot of children this age have a habit like this.  She did say they never found the diaper and she was certain he had taken it off before leaving our house (probably when I was in the bathroom). She politely suggested I start having Jackson wear a onsie so he can't get to the diaper.

I was thinking more like duct tape!  :)

Again - Mother of the Year!

P.S.  Do I get points if he was completely dry after two hours without a diaper?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rough Week!

Jackson isn't feel so great - but the Elmo slippers help!

(Elmo Slippers courtesy of Grandma Penny)

We have had a rough few days.

Justin came home from California just in time for Jackson to start having flu symptoms.  After a trip to the pediatrician, it was confirmed...Jackson had the flu.

So we have been battling Jackson's flu symptoms and everything that comes along with the flu - including Jackson sleeping in our bed each night.  Our smiling little boy hasn't been himself and has needed a little extra love.  After two days home from pre-school, I think Jackson is on the mend and will be back at school in time for "snack-time" (his favorite) in the morning.  

In the middle of helping Jackson get better, Justin found himself at the emergency room.  Justin had surgery a year ago on his finger.  After the trip to the ER and an office visit to the surgeon who performed his surgery, Justin received the news that he has a serious infection in his finger due to a possible suture that was left in his finger when they removed them a year ago. 

Needless to say - Gross.

Yesterday, Justin had his entire fingernail removed to completely clean the infection.  Justin has asked that I spare all of you the photo.  Take my word - it is more than disgusting!  

So we are hoping our week gets better.  Justin is on some good pain killers - so at least he is entertaining.  :)

We hope your week is going well!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Welcome to the World, Miss Lily Kate!

Justin and I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Lily Kate Morgan today.

Lily Kate is the brand new daughter of our good friends, JT and Kellie Morgan.

Lilly Kate is just a few days old and it was already obvious that she is winning the hearts of those around her.  Her Mom and Dad are in love with her every detail.  Her Uncle Joe and Aunt Lora (also very good friends of ours) are her very own paparazzi - snapping a photo every time she moves.  

While we are all very lucky to have Lily Kate in our lives, Lily Kate lucked out as well.  She is surrounded with such loving people who will cherish her every moment.

Best Wishes to JT, Kellie, and Baby Lily Kate.  Thank you for sharing her with us today!

Side Note:  I have to share the most adorable story.  JT set Kellie up with a Facebook account right away so she could share Lily Kate's photos with family and friends.  Uncle Joe sits by the computer in the hospital room and reads the new parents all the comments and well wishes.  Just another sign that Lily Kate is already loved by so many.  It was touching to see the excitement surrounding this new family!!

If you look close - you can see her first hair-bow!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Justin Is Home!

Justin is home...and no one could be happier than Jackson (though I'm pretty happy, too).

Jackson and I were at the airport at midnight to greet Justin.  Jackson was sporting his PJ's along with a not-so-quiet chant of "DAD-DY" - over and over and over....

Until finally.....Jackson saw his "DAD-DY".

Welcome Home Justin!  We missed you!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Chatting" with Jackson

Thank goodness for modern technology!

When Justin and I are away from Jackson we are able to visit via web cam.  It is hilarious to sit and listen to him tell us about his day (not that we understand any of it - but we do love his hand motions).  Or sometime he prefers to sing songs or play peek a boo.  It makes for great entertainment and it melts your heart at the same time.  Especially when he kisses the web cam to send kisses our way.  

Grandma Penny and Grandpa John snapped these photos last week when they were baby-sitting Jackson.  I was in California visiting Justin and we were sure to always make time to "chat" with Jackson.

Enjoy the photos!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It must be comfortable!

Jackson - October 08

Jackson - October 09

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Less than two weeks...but who is counting?

I came home from visiting Justin in California to realize that Halloween was less than two weeks away.  Suddenly, I am feeling the pressure to wrap up Jackson's Halloween costume.  

I was at Target today and saw Halloween costumes hanging on hangers and calling my name.  I could see the hours I still have left of working on Jackson's costume floating away.  I realized the hours I still had left of asking my mom questions only to have her simply explain them - and yet I still would have rip out every stitch I had made in those last 30 minutes.  I could see Jackson looking adorable in those Target costumes - yet I just pushed my cart to the next aisle.

I am spending a lot of time at my Mom's bridal shop.  She works and I sew.  She stops every once and awhile to calm me down when I start swearing, or to instruct me when my stitching is crooked.  I will admit, sewing isn't my calling.  It is a lot harder than I expected.  Yet, I am still committed to finishing the costume.  Will I go this route again next year? Maybe - but I am grateful Halloween only comes once a year.  

Wish me luck!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hello from California!

Hello From California!

Many of you know that Justin is spending a couple weeks in California for work. Justin has been working so hard since arriving in California and was looking forward to a few days off.

Justin invited me out for a few days so we could explore San Francisco. I arrived on Friday and will head home tomorrow. It has been great spending time with Justin and seeing the sights.

Enjoy some photos from our day in San Francisco!

P.S. We saw Alcatraz - but no sighting of Sean Connery :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jackson's First School Photo

Today, when I picked Jackson up from school, Ms. Arthur mentioned right away that his school photos were in.

Ms. Peggy also pointed out that they remembered to "pop his collar" just like his Daddy had requested. :)

I know I'm biased - but I think they turned out great.

Its his official "First School Photo!"

This one will be posted at his high school graduation party!

Monday, October 12, 2009


I snapped this photo of Jackson tonight.  

When I downloaded it I noticed that Jackson's bottom corner tooth has FINALLY arrived.  Jackson has a mouth full of teeth - except that one.  

I will miss the gap as he smiles.   His mouth full of teeth is just another feature that reminds me he is a little boy now - no longer a baby.  :( 

Happy Birthday, Jill!

Girls Night Out Group - Plus Jill's new born son - William

Yesterday, my friend Jill celebrated her birthday.

I met Jill my freshman year at Franklin College.  Jill lived across the hall from my dorm room and we hit it off instantly.  I have great memories of Jill and I laughing and making our freshman year so much fun!  I love Jill's laugh - it is one of a kind!  

I am very lucky to still be friends with Jill today.  Jill is part of our Girls Night Out group and always keeps our conversation light hearted and full of giggles.  

Happy Birthday Jill!  May you always keep laughing!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Summer Memories

Summer has come and gone.  I have been organizing our summer photos and found these.  I realized I never shared them.  They are some of my favorites and decided it was better late than never.  

Jackson and I spent a hot summer afternoon at the water park just down the road.  We had been before and Jackson loved it.  However, this time - there were "big kids."  Check out his "pouting" when he realized he wasn't "king" of the park.

One of my favorite photos from summer.

Surveying the scene - a lot of big kids...

We left shortly after arriving...

Ahhh...Summer fun!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009

Fall.  My favorite time of the year.

I love pumpkins, warm apple cider, and the color of the leaves.  I love hooded sweatshirts, football, and lazy Sundays that involve both.

I also love our annual trip to the pumpkin patch.  Even before Jackson was born, Justin and I would venture out to the pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkin.  This year, I was even more excited to watch Jackson walk through the pumpkin patch in search for a great pumpkin. 

This past Saturday, Jackson started feeling better.  Justin and I thought a little fresh air and a trip to the Stoney Creek Pumpkin Patch might do some good after keeping Jackson in for three days.  We bundled him up as much as we could and enjoyed a great fall day.

Maybe this one...

Or maybe this one...

Oink, Oink

The "real" reason we brought the stroller.

Our little Pumpkin!

The Pumpkin Patch was so much fun!  

Jackson hunting for the perfect pumpkin...
As always - please excuse any baby talk.  :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

One Sick Little Guy!

Back to the breathing treatments!

It started Monday.  Pre-School called to let me know Jackson had a low-grade fever.  

Jackson had been teething and I just figured it was due to that.

A couple days later that low-grade fever was 102 and we were at the pediatrician's office.

The doctor had good news and bad news.  Good news was it wasn't the flu or strep throat.  Bad news - it was a virus that needed to run its course.

So I'm wondering how long this course will be.  Its pitiful to watch him be so miserable.  The pictures say it all.

Lots of Get Well Wishes for Jackson...and lots of hugs from Mom and Dad too.

P.S.  A big thanks to Grandma Penny for watching Jackson today.