Sunday, October 25, 2009

Welcome to the World, Miss Lily Kate!

Justin and I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Lily Kate Morgan today.

Lily Kate is the brand new daughter of our good friends, JT and Kellie Morgan.

Lilly Kate is just a few days old and it was already obvious that she is winning the hearts of those around her.  Her Mom and Dad are in love with her every detail.  Her Uncle Joe and Aunt Lora (also very good friends of ours) are her very own paparazzi - snapping a photo every time she moves.  

While we are all very lucky to have Lily Kate in our lives, Lily Kate lucked out as well.  She is surrounded with such loving people who will cherish her every moment.

Best Wishes to JT, Kellie, and Baby Lily Kate.  Thank you for sharing her with us today!

Side Note:  I have to share the most adorable story.  JT set Kellie up with a Facebook account right away so she could share Lily Kate's photos with family and friends.  Uncle Joe sits by the computer in the hospital room and reads the new parents all the comments and well wishes.  Just another sign that Lily Kate is already loved by so many.  It was touching to see the excitement surrounding this new family!!

If you look close - you can see her first hair-bow!

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Jessica said...

Lily Kate is a beautiful little girl!!! Congrats to all of you!