Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Need a laugh?

Need a laugh?  I do (read post below to see why).

Justin's Dad recently downloaded an old "home movie" from Justin's high-school years.

This video was taken at the Highland High School Cheer annual banquet.  This "co-ed" squad was the entertainment for the evening.....and for many years later thanks for John Bixler video taping the event. 

Please notice that Justin is the short one, Jake Pinkerton is the tall one, and Cory Riggs is also in there...all still great friends today.

To all the HHS cheerleaders reading this....its funny - but oh so true!  They got us down - even to the awards ceremony!  :)  Justin needs to work on his jumps!  


Click the link below to view and laugh! 

Day 2 - Not So Great!

Ok...so Day 2 of Pre-school didn't go as good as the first. I had expected this. I think it didn't go well for a few reasons. I think it turns out to be a longer day than Jackson is used to. Jackson is awake earlier and is used to two cat-naps a day. At pre-school he is asked to take one long nap.

It is just a change to his normal routine.

I also think Jackson is missing his Daddy. One bright side of Justin loosing his job this past January was that he got to me home with Jackson for almost 8 months. They are best buddies and I know Jackson is missing him.

Jackson's day didn't go terrible, but he was in a terrible mood when I got to school. I took one look at him and knew he was tired. We said good-bye to the teacher and to the triplets (his girlfriends) and we were out the door. We got to the car and then I started thinking I had picked up the wrong child. This child started kicking, screaming, and even scratching his way out of his car seat. I was sweating trying to fight him into the seat. Where was Jackson - this was not my son!

I was too busy realizing that Jackson had ripped my dress to notice that all of the other parents were staring at us.

By the next time I took a break from fighting Jackson into the seat, I realized all of the teachers were heading to their cars. I'm pretty sure they won't be honoring me as "Mom of the Year" anytime soon.

I decided to walk Jackson to the ice cream parlor next door. I know I shouldn't have "rewarded" his behavior, but I this point I was hot - and wanted some ice cream. As I sat down with Jackson - we both took a deep breath. Just then, my friend Sara McCord (who I had chatted with in the middle of Jackson's breakdown) called to check on us. The next thing I know she and her husband, Adam, pulled up to help.

Jackson went right to Adam. I think I even saw a SMILE at one point as Adam gently put Jackson in his car seat. Adam and Sara must think I made all of this up...I just watched with amazement.

A big thanks to Adam and Sara for coming to my rescue!

Adam and Sara,
I'll just meet you at the Pre-school every day about 5:30 - sound good? :)

Here is to hoping tomorrow goes better.....

P.S. I did fix the song in the slideshow in the post below. Notice the song says "I get in my seat" - Jackson must not have heard that part....

Monday, July 27, 2009

First Day of Pre-School!

We survived the first day of pre-school. And...when I say "we", I mean Justin and I.

Jackson did great.

He wasn't too excited about getting up earlier than usual. He is used to sleeping in and enjoying a "late" breakfast. Today, it was a quick bowl of oatmeal and some milk.

Then...we were off.

Justin and I each had reservations about how the "drop-off" would go. But that was set aside by our pure excitement for Jackson to start pre-school. We know that this is the right thing for Jackson and for our family.

We both feel very lucky to have moved back to the north-side so we can send him to a pre-school that we are familiar with. Jackson is attending the same pre-school that all of my nieces and nephews have attended. It is so nice knowing that he is getting such great care.

When we arrived at the school, Jackson insisted on walking in by himself. He wouldn't let me hold him. I have to admit, he walked in like - "I have arrived!" While Justin and I were still a little unsure about leaving him.

When we walked into his classroom, Ms. Paula met us with a smile and showed us Jackson's cubby already labeled with his name. Justin and I gave her the diapers, wipes, and extra clothes we were asked to supply. Ms. Paula kind of laughed when we also had TWO blankets for nap time and when we asked that he get neosporin if he were to scrap a knee - but shook her head as if she understood.

Then it was time to say goodbye. Jackson was cautiously "talking" to the other children. Justin and I lingered a bit to watch and then Justin looked at me and said quickly, "we need to leave." I quickly noticed Justin's eyes had filled up with tears. We said our good-byes and were out the door....Jackson never cried, but did look a little confused. When we got to the car, I asked Justin to drive around back so I could peak in Jackson's classroom. Is it considered stalking if he is my own son? :) Justin then announced he would need McDonald's - he needed comfort food. Jackson was probably having a great time - while Mom and Dad drowned there sorrows in an Egg McMuffin!

I called twice yesterday to check on Jackson. Ms. Paula said he ate well and even took a two hour nap. Yep - my little boy who only naps in my bed with us cuddled up next to him - napped on a COT all by himself. I think he may have us fooled at home....we thought he only napped with us! :)

Justin and I were both so excited to pick Jackson up yesterday. We peeked in the window to watch him play. He was enjoying some time with the other children. But once he saw us - he was done. He was ready to go. He quickly said "bye-bye" to Ms. Paula and we were out the door.

Jackson talked all the way home as if to tell us all about what he learned that day. We loved listening!

Here goes Day 2. Wish us luck!

Check out our slideshow of Jackson's first day!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Michelle!

I wanted to take a minute to wish my oldest sister, Michelle, a Happy Birthday!

Michelle is celebrating her 40th birthday today.

Michelle and I are very close. That is no secret.

I have missed living a short drive's distance from her these past few years. I am lucky to be back in Fishers living so close!

For the time I lived Bloomington, Michelle is how I passed the time for the long drive. I would dial her up as I was leaving the office in Indy and would chat the whole way home. I have the cell phone bill to prove it!

Now that we are living closer - I love being able to swing by her house during the week for advice, a laugh, or to use her pool (tee hee).

What can I say?

She's my big sister...and I couldn't live without her!

Happy Birthday, Michelle! I hope you enjoy your day!

Lots of love,

Your YOUNGEST Sister!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Turning 30...

Today is my 30th birthday.

It is my first birthday without my Dad here to celebrate.

I didn't feel right letting the day go by without mentioning that I am thinking of my Dad today. His absence has left a huge void in my special day.

I will miss him on my car ride to work. Any other year, he would have called me as I started my day to wish me a good one. I'm sure he would have had some snappy one-liner about me turning 30 this year. I will miss hearing it.

I will miss him arranging my family "birthday dinner." We would usually celebrate my birthday and my sister Michelle's birthday the same night. Any other year, he would have called us earlier in the week to make sure he and Mom planned a dinner that would please both of us. And...it always did. I probably would have requested his smoked pork chops glazed with orange juice.

I will miss opening his gift...especially his card. While my mom would find a card to capture how proud they were of the adult I had grown to be, my Dad would find a card that captured his quick wit and great sense of humor. I often got cards that mentioned my messy room, terrible driving record, or how I still kept him up at night worrying...which wasn't far from the truth.

So today I am 30. A new chapter in my life has begun. One I wish my Dad was here to see.

In my 30s: I look forward to giving Jackson a sibling (or two), watching my children grow, and teaching them everything my parents taught me (even Cave Man Named Dave). I look forward to spending this next decade with Justin as we finally settle down and find a place to raise our family. I look forward to cherishing old relationships and fostering news ones. I have had a tough year - 29 was tough. Yet, I know there is more to come. More tough days, more great days. I look forward to each...

P.S. I did hear back-fat starts at 30...not looking forward to that. :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Water Fun!

Tonight, Justin and I took Jackson to try out a small water park near our new place. It was recommended by my sister, Deb. So, after dinner, we headed that way.

Jackson wasn't sure what to think at first. In fact, for the first ten minutes he walked "around" every sprinkler with me. But would never go through it. Justin had a little more luck...

Needless to say in the car on the way home...was one soaked little boy, and two tired parents!

Check out some pictures and video from the park. I didn't have much luck getting Jackson in the water...but I was lucky enough to get a kiss! Justin on the other hand - got Jackson soaked!

It was great fun!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

One more post about vacation...

A BIG thanks to Grandma and Grandpa
Bixler for surprising us by bringing Jackson to the airport (at Midnight) to greet us as we arrived.

I saw Penny first, and the all of the sudden I saw Jackson...I dropped my bags (including my computer) and ran to Jackson!

Jackson wasn't as thrilled to see us (he had just awakened)...but he did have a sign welcoming us home.

Jackson was willing to pose with his sign a couple of days later.  Check out the photos below.

Finally - Our Vacation post!

FINALLY...we have the Internet again.  It feels good to be connected!

I figured it would be best to join the blogging world again by FINALLY posting our vacation photos!

Justin and I joined some great friends of ours, Amanda and Noah (whose real name is David for those of you who get confused) in the Dominican and helped them celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary.

It was our first week away from Jackson.  Saying goodbye was tough...but we did enjoy ourselves.  I had a feeling once I felt the sand between my toes I would be just fine!  It was great to get away and spend time together!  It also helped that we could "talk" to Jackson through the Web cam on the computer (See photos of Justin chatting with Jackson)...though we never could understand what he was saying...but he sure had lots to talk about!

The food wasn't the best...needless to say I was more than excited for the lay over in NC on the way home...I couldn't wait to hit the food court for a Whopper!  A burger never tasted so good!

Our resort had some exotic animals that they allowed us to have our photograph taken with.  Check out me and the monkey...he actually peed on me!  I had a few choice words for that monkey!

A big thanks to Amanda and Noah for asking us to join them on such an important vacation!  It was such a great week.

Also,  a big thanks to the Bixler and Symmes group (including all of Jackson's Aunts and Uncles) for helping babysit while we went away.  It was nice knowing he was getting so much love...

Whose up for babysitting another week...????

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This photo was priceless...and I had to share...

I don't think he enjoyed his haircut! :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I am starting to have panic attacks...

We had a problem hooking up our cable in our new place. This means no internet and no TV!

It looks like we won't get it until THURSDAY!

How will I get updated on the latest in Michael Jackson's death?

How will I stay up-to-date with my new love - Southern Bells reality TV series?

And...How will Justin win every Michael Jackson memoribilia item on Ebay?

No really....I am realizing that I am a huge fan of technology. I don't think I will be on survivor anytime soon.

Blog posts will pick up as soon as we have internet again!!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Big Bixler News!

It is what we do best! :)

If you can't tell...I am so excited to be back in Fishers!

We are just renting for now. Those of you who know me well - know I do do apartment living very well...but this time, I am just so excited to be close to our family and friends that I am not complaining at all.

I didn't even mind digging in boxes this morning to get ready for work! :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sophie Update!

Justin just called me.

He drove by the house where Sophie's "new family" lived.

Justin called with every reason he shouldn't leave Sophie there.

I told him to do what he thought was best.

Justin AND Sophie are now on their way back to our place.

I am secretly thrilled! :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

A Very Sad Day for The Bixler's

Sophie and Oscar

Sophie and Jackson


Today is a sad day.

Today we are giving our dog, Sophie, away for adoption. 

We found a nice family in Franklin, IN who is excited about their new pet.

We would love to keep her.  However, she is a very "needy" dog.  Her new "Mom" is a stay-at-home Mom and will be with her all day.  Much better than we could do for her.

We will miss her.  I will miss her early morning wake-up calls, the cold nights outside while she "took her time", and THE bark (for those of you who know Sophie - know its one of a kind).  More than anything, I will miss the loving way she allowed Jackson to beat up on her.  As Jackson was learning crawl and pull up - he often used Sophie has a stool...she didn't care.  :)

I will also miss her walking into Jackson's room with me each night before I go to bed to just "check on him."  It was almost as if she needed to "check on him" too.  

Funny - as I am writing this - I can't remember why we are giving her to another family...

But I know it is best. 

Thank you for loving our family the way you do.  You are one of a kind...

We will miss you.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jackson Rocks It Out!

For Justin, it is Michael Jackson.

For Jackson, it is Handy Manny.

Jackson loves the Handy Manny cartoon...and to be honest - Justin and I think it is fun too.  :)

Handy Manny teaches community services, hard work, and teaches a little Spanish too.  (Justin and I are learning a lot!  Ha!)

My good friend, Jessica Quire, bought Jackson the Handy Manny tool box for his birthday.  It turned out to be one of his favorite gifts.  He takes the tools out of the tool box and carries the singing toolbox around the house as if it is his personal boom box.

While Justin is clinging to his Michael Jackson Cd's...Jackson is sticking with Handy Manny!

Enjoy the video!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Take your Dog to Work Day!

Sophie and I at my desk

Lori and Buttons

Emily and Campden
Last Friday was National Take your Dog to Work Day!

My office allowed us to bring in our dogs for the day.

So I loaded Sophie into the car and took her to show here where I work.About after two hours I decided that "Take your Baby to Work Day" would have been easier.

Sophie barked at EVERYONE!

Other dogs were so good and quiet, but not Sophie. She was social and wanted to get to know everyone!

She was voted LOUDEST dog! I don't think I will participate next year...and I think my coworkers will appreciate that! :)
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Best Wishes Jill and Russ!

Justin, Kristen, Aaron, Kristin, Amanda, Noah,
and the parents to be - Russ and Jill.
Jill and Jackson (in his PJs)
Cookies in Baby Will's honor!
This past weekend, Justin and I got the chance to celebrate the
upcoming arrival of Baby William Harms.
Our good friends, Jill and Russ Harms, are expecting their first baby
at the end of the summer.
Amanda and David Noah, Kristin and Aaron Charles, and Justin and I threw a couples baby
shower for them this past weekend. It was so fun to get together and
celebrate with everyone.
Even Jackson brought a gift for Baby Will. He gave Will a few of his
favorite things...some paci's, a photo book, some toy keys, and a few other things.
Jackson thought Will should have these things too...all things every little boy needs! :)
Baby Will has lucked out - he has two great parents.
Best Wishes to Russ and Jill!
PS. Sorry this post is centered...It won't post any other way -
perhaps it is too early for my computer! :)