Monday, July 27, 2009

First Day of Pre-School!

We survived the first day of pre-school. And...when I say "we", I mean Justin and I.

Jackson did great.

He wasn't too excited about getting up earlier than usual. He is used to sleeping in and enjoying a "late" breakfast. Today, it was a quick bowl of oatmeal and some milk.

Then...we were off.

Justin and I each had reservations about how the "drop-off" would go. But that was set aside by our pure excitement for Jackson to start pre-school. We know that this is the right thing for Jackson and for our family.

We both feel very lucky to have moved back to the north-side so we can send him to a pre-school that we are familiar with. Jackson is attending the same pre-school that all of my nieces and nephews have attended. It is so nice knowing that he is getting such great care.

When we arrived at the school, Jackson insisted on walking in by himself. He wouldn't let me hold him. I have to admit, he walked in like - "I have arrived!" While Justin and I were still a little unsure about leaving him.

When we walked into his classroom, Ms. Paula met us with a smile and showed us Jackson's cubby already labeled with his name. Justin and I gave her the diapers, wipes, and extra clothes we were asked to supply. Ms. Paula kind of laughed when we also had TWO blankets for nap time and when we asked that he get neosporin if he were to scrap a knee - but shook her head as if she understood.

Then it was time to say goodbye. Jackson was cautiously "talking" to the other children. Justin and I lingered a bit to watch and then Justin looked at me and said quickly, "we need to leave." I quickly noticed Justin's eyes had filled up with tears. We said our good-byes and were out the door....Jackson never cried, but did look a little confused. When we got to the car, I asked Justin to drive around back so I could peak in Jackson's classroom. Is it considered stalking if he is my own son? :) Justin then announced he would need McDonald's - he needed comfort food. Jackson was probably having a great time - while Mom and Dad drowned there sorrows in an Egg McMuffin!

I called twice yesterday to check on Jackson. Ms. Paula said he ate well and even took a two hour nap. Yep - my little boy who only naps in my bed with us cuddled up next to him - napped on a COT all by himself. I think he may have us fooled at home....we thought he only napped with us! :)

Justin and I were both so excited to pick Jackson up yesterday. We peeked in the window to watch him play. He was enjoying some time with the other children. But once he saw us - he was done. He was ready to go. He quickly said "bye-bye" to Ms. Paula and we were out the door.

Jackson talked all the way home as if to tell us all about what he learned that day. We loved listening!

Here goes Day 2. Wish us luck!

Check out our slideshow of Jackson's first day!

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The Walti Family said...

I am so glad that you survived the first couple of days; it is so hard!

Jackson looks like he had a blast - and he is looking so grown up!