Thursday, July 16, 2009

Finally - Our Vacation post!

FINALLY...we have the Internet again.  It feels good to be connected!

I figured it would be best to join the blogging world again by FINALLY posting our vacation photos!

Justin and I joined some great friends of ours, Amanda and Noah (whose real name is David for those of you who get confused) in the Dominican and helped them celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary.

It was our first week away from Jackson.  Saying goodbye was tough...but we did enjoy ourselves.  I had a feeling once I felt the sand between my toes I would be just fine!  It was great to get away and spend time together!  It also helped that we could "talk" to Jackson through the Web cam on the computer (See photos of Justin chatting with Jackson)...though we never could understand what he was saying...but he sure had lots to talk about!

The food wasn't the best...needless to say I was more than excited for the lay over in NC on the way home...I couldn't wait to hit the food court for a Whopper!  A burger never tasted so good!

Our resort had some exotic animals that they allowed us to have our photograph taken with.  Check out me and the monkey...he actually peed on me!  I had a few choice words for that monkey!

A big thanks to Amanda and Noah for asking us to join them on such an important vacation!  It was such a great week.

Also,  a big thanks to the Bixler and Symmes group (including all of Jackson's Aunts and Uncles) for helping babysit while we went away.  It was nice knowing he was getting so much love...

Whose up for babysitting another week...????


Anonymous said...

Loved the pixs, I see you and Justin haven't lost your cheerleading abilities yet in that last pix :) Looks like you guys all had a great time!!! And yes I'm up for watching the little guy anytime you want to take off again..........Penny

Lori said...

Love the photos, and LOVE all the dresses you and Amanda wore! :)

The Walti Family said...

Looks like a great time - I'm glad that you did okay with leaving Jackson...we are doing it in October and I am already nervous!