Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Best Wishes Jill and Russ!

Justin, Kristen, Aaron, Kristin, Amanda, Noah,
and the parents to be - Russ and Jill.
Jill and Jackson (in his PJs)
Cookies in Baby Will's honor!
This past weekend, Justin and I got the chance to celebrate the
upcoming arrival of Baby William Harms.
Our good friends, Jill and Russ Harms, are expecting their first baby
at the end of the summer.
Amanda and David Noah, Kristin and Aaron Charles, and Justin and I threw a couples baby
shower for them this past weekend. It was so fun to get together and
celebrate with everyone.
Even Jackson brought a gift for Baby Will. He gave Will a few of his
favorite things...some paci's, a photo book, some toy keys, and a few other things.
Jackson thought Will should have these things too...all things every little boy needs! :)
Baby Will has lucked out - he has two great parents.
Best Wishes to Russ and Jill!
PS. Sorry this post is centered...It won't post any other way -
perhaps it is too early for my computer! :)

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