Monday, July 20, 2009

Water Fun!

Tonight, Justin and I took Jackson to try out a small water park near our new place. It was recommended by my sister, Deb. So, after dinner, we headed that way.

Jackson wasn't sure what to think at first. In fact, for the first ten minutes he walked "around" every sprinkler with me. But would never go through it. Justin had a little more luck...

Needless to say in the car on the way home...was one soaked little boy, and two tired parents!

Check out some pictures and video from the park. I didn't have much luck getting Jackson in the water...but I was lucky enough to get a kiss! Justin on the other hand - got Jackson soaked!

It was great fun!


deb said...

I love his face as he goes through the water!


McCord Family said...

So fun and cute! Is this the water park that is over off Promise Road and 126th in Fishers?