Tuesday, March 30, 2010

He's a "Big Guy"

This T-shirt was too fitting - he's a big boy now!

Jackson is loving gaining his Independence!  However, it is a bit challenging for us.

When we once hurried out the door throwing our coats on and even making sure Jackson was bundled up  - we now wait patiently while Jackson tries to zip up his own coat.  And don't even get my started on him putting on his own shoes!

Though it takes us more time and patience - we love watching him grow!

Here is a list of things Jackson has decided to shout "I TRY" when we try to help:

1.  Brushing his teeth
2.  Shampooing his hair
3.  Doing the laundry - yep, he actually wants to do the laundry
4.  Buckling his car seat
5.  Typing the security code in the key pad at pre-school
6.  Pouring milk into a sippy-cup (this one can get kind of messy)
7.  Unlocking any door
8.  Walking up or down any stairs without help (make sure you have a while - he's slow)
9.  Applying his own hair product - he's watched his Daddy plenty of times!
10.  FACEBOOK - yep, he actually knows his way around it.  He asks to see "Mamaw, Doo, Shel, Sa-wa, and Ad-am"

Needless to say - we are learning to set aside more time for these (and many more) activities - but watching him grow and learn is so much fun.

Truth be told - we are also setting aside more patience.  We are learning as Jackson is learning!  :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mamaw Penny!

Happy Birthday to Mamaw Penny!

Last night we got together with Justin's family to celebrate Penny's birthday.

Jackson had talked all day about how Mamaw, Pop, Ash-ee, Todd, and the dog-dog (Oscar) were coming over.  When they finally arrived Jackson was ready to play.  Poor Uncle Todd doesn't get a minute to rest when Jackson is around.  We don't get to see Uncle Todd very often and Jackson loves it when we do!  I'm sure Todd is still recovering from his visit!  :)

It was great to celebrate Penny's birthday.  Penny is a fantastic Grandma to Jackson...and is great to Justin and I too!  We are all very lucky to have her!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Welcome to the World, Mr. Kooper Westin Charles!

Jill, Kristin, Kristen, and Amanda before the main event!

Welcome Kooper!

Yesterday, our great friends - Kristin and Aaron Charles - welcomed their newborn son, Kooper into this world.  And...their daughter - Addison - finally got to hold "her baby" for the very first time. 

We all waited patiently (well - not really) to find out whether this baby was a boy or a girl!  I found it just perfect that Kristin and Aaron got a son after waiting 7 years to give Addison a sibling!  

Kooper may be the baby of the family - but he sure made his arrival a "big" one.  Kooper came into this world weighing well over 9 lbs!  The nurse even commented how the newborn diapers they had set aside for Kooper wouldn't work - he is already in size 1 diapers!  The newborn diapers might be too small - but the Charles' hearts have enough love for this big boy!  Kristin, Aaron, and Addison beamed with pride all afternoon holding Kooper!

It was so sweet to see the Charles foursome complete!  We love all of them so much!

Enjoy some photos from such an exciting day!

Kooper Westin Charles

Already in size 1 diapers!  :)

Kristin and Kooper - and their biggest fans!

Jill, Kristen, Amanda with the Charles' kiddos -
Kooper and Addison!

Monday, March 22, 2010

He loves to go "Swimmy!"

We are in week 4 of Jackson's swimming lesson's and he is loving it!  I am loving spending the time with him and seeing him grow and learn each week.  

Justin and I even make time in the evenings - once or twice a week - to take advantage of the "Open Swim" hours at the YMCA and take Jackson for some extra "practice."

Check out the short video from last week (Big Thanks to Grandpa John - AKA "Pop" for video taping).  You will notice Jackson shouting with excitement that his Daddy was able to come watch!  It made his day.  Also, notice that Jackson INSISTS on making sure people are watching him....the lifeguard, Grandpa and Grandma, Daddy, his instructor....he doesn't care who it is, but he prefers an audience.  Wonder where he gets it???  :)

Today, I signed Jackson up for Spring session "swimmy"lessons  (as Jackson's calls it)!  

Can't wait!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Monday!

Today - we had a lazy Sunday.  Aren't those just the best??

Jackson took a 4 hour nap - he partied too hard with Mama Charsh Saturday night!

Also...Jackson has decided that he is too big for his booster seat and prefers his meals at the island.  Though I still insist we eat as a family most nights...I recently allowed Jackson to snack at the counter.  He was so pleased.  He's getting too big too fast!  Enjoy the photos!  

P.S. Stay tuned for video from Jackson's swimming lessons.  He is loving every minute of it!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday, Amanda!

This weekend Justin and I will join our good friend, Amanda, for a belated birthday celebration.  We are looking forward to celebrating and laughing together like we always do.

Sorry it is belated Amanda - but we wish you a great birthday just the same!

All our love!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Drum Major in Training???

Those of you who read this blog often may remember a couple weeks back I posted about attending the last Highland High School home basketball game before the school is closed.  Justin and I had a great time - but apparently, so did Jackson.

Ever since then, Jackson spends his morning (and some evenings) asking if he can watch the video from the game.  He can even point to the icon for it on my computer.  Needless to say - the HHS school song is etched into my brain each morning - anything to be able to put make-up on without little hands tugging at my legs.  It also helps entertain him during long breathing treatments - even more-so than the Handy Manny website.  

Tonight, while the three of us went about our night, Justin whispered "Kris, look - he's imitating the drum-major from the video."  I glanced over and Jackson had my kitchen spatula (got it out of the dishwasher when I was unloading) and was using it as the mase.  I immediately grabbed the camera!

If you don't count the fact that he never catches it - he's not bad!  :)

We laughed pretty hard at this one. Most nights he wants to toss the football or shoot baskets - We have no idea where this came from!

Enjoy the video!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Taking a "SHOWA!"

Jackson has started to request a shower instead of a bath.  Boys will be boys, I guess.

Whenever Justin or I start the shower Jackson runs in with excitement and insists he gets in too.  We just can't help but smile at the way he says shower.  In Jackson lingo - it is "SHOWA."

I just had to catch it on camera....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Best Wishes to The Charles Family!

This past weekend, I joined my girlfriends as we celebrated with our great friend, Kristin Charles, and began the countdown until she and her husband (and their daughter, Addison) welcome Baby Charles #2.

Kristin and Aaron became first time parents to Addison - almost 7 yrs ago- when the rest of us were just figuring out how to be adults.  They both were naturals at being parents and have always made it look so easy. When the rest of us decided to join them in "parent" world - they welcomed us with advice and an ear to listen when days were tough and nights were long.

It is no secret that Kristin and Aaron have longed to add another child to their family and finally give Addison the sister or brother she has been asking for.  For reasons no one - even doctors - seem to understand - this brother or sister decided to arrive 7 years later. So it is no surprise that Justin and I were more than excited to hear the news of Baby Charles #2.

It has been so fun to watch Addison's excitement over becoming a big sister.  She grins with delight every time she talks about the baby.  And I have enjoyed watching Kristin take in every moment of her pregnancy - never wanting to take one moment for granted.  She feels blessed with this baby - we all do.  

We are counting down the days until Baby Charles #2 arrives.  Kristin and Aaron do not know the sex of the baby and it is killing the rest of us!  So let the countdown begin ... and the guessing.  Boy or Girl???

Best wishes to the Charles Family!

Stephanie, Kristin, Jill, Amanda, and Kristen
celebrating Baby Charles #2

Monday, March 8, 2010

We are STILL celebrating...

Justin's birthday has now spanned celebrations in January, February, and March.  I guess turning 30 deserves it! :)

Yesterday we celebrated Justin's birthday with my family....our get-togethers should be a reality television show.  I was "cackling" a lot - and of course Greg made fun of me each time!  

We also got the opportunity to celebrate my Grandmother's 86th birthday.  That's right... Grandma Evy is 86!  She is 86 going on 60.  I over heard Justin tell Grandma Evy that he hopes to live as long as she has -   don't we all!

Happy Birthday to Justin and Grandma Evy! I love you both!

P.S.  We were all so excited to enjoy the nice weather...no one more than Jackson!  
First Wagon Ride of 2010!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dentist Phobia!

I don't have the greatest luck when it comes to going to the dentist.  I think it all started when I knocked out a few teeth during a cheerleading accident years ago.  Since then, I have a lot of anxiety when having anything more than just my regular cleaning and check-up done. 

Today, I had to have Oral Surgery done on an old root canal that had gone bad.  Needless to say, I had to take some anxiety medication to help me even get to the Dentist office today.  As the day progressed - I was having trouble even remembering going to the dentist. I woke up from a nap panicking that I had missed my appointment.  Kind of scary - but unfortunately, it was exactly what I needed.  

I am hoping that my fear of the Dentist is NOT a trait Jackson will pick up from me.  

Our Dentist has asked that we bring Jackson in for his first appointment in May.  He will be 2 and the Dentist thinks its time he takes a look at Jackson's choppers.  Wish us luck!

I'm still on heavy pain medication and need to head to bed.

A special thanks to Justin who took great care of me today!  He even ran to the grocery and got my favorite Popsicles!  :)

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Is the ball supposed to go OVER the net?

Today, I took my first tennis lesson.  

Why tennis?  Why now?

Well, when I turned 30 I told myself it was time to try new things - start new hobbies and push myself a bit.  I took up sewing in the fall.  I'm no Betsy Ross - but I have sewn a couple projects here and there.  

I also wanted to take up a sport that Justin and I could do together.  And...there is NO WAY I am about to take up golf!  Other than the Tiger Woods scandal - I think golf is too boring! :)

So Tennis it is.

I survived my first lesson...though my muscles are hurting like they did the first week of summer cheer practice as they did years ago (when 30 seemed old!).  You should have seen the instructor's face when I told her the only athletic experience I had was 10 years of cheerleading! Let's just say she wasn't impressed - and tried to keep her laughter contained.

So stayed tuned - another lesson next week.  And Justin and I might just go play a game - or a "match" as I'm told it is called.  

Cheers to new adventures!