Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Best Wishes to The Charles Family!

This past weekend, I joined my girlfriends as we celebrated with our great friend, Kristin Charles, and began the countdown until she and her husband (and their daughter, Addison) welcome Baby Charles #2.

Kristin and Aaron became first time parents to Addison - almost 7 yrs ago- when the rest of us were just figuring out how to be adults.  They both were naturals at being parents and have always made it look so easy. When the rest of us decided to join them in "parent" world - they welcomed us with advice and an ear to listen when days were tough and nights were long.

It is no secret that Kristin and Aaron have longed to add another child to their family and finally give Addison the sister or brother she has been asking for.  For reasons no one - even doctors - seem to understand - this brother or sister decided to arrive 7 years later. So it is no surprise that Justin and I were more than excited to hear the news of Baby Charles #2.

It has been so fun to watch Addison's excitement over becoming a big sister.  She grins with delight every time she talks about the baby.  And I have enjoyed watching Kristin take in every moment of her pregnancy - never wanting to take one moment for granted.  She feels blessed with this baby - we all do.  

We are counting down the days until Baby Charles #2 arrives.  Kristin and Aaron do not know the sex of the baby and it is killing the rest of us!  So let the countdown begin ... and the guessing.  Boy or Girl???

Best wishes to the Charles Family!

Stephanie, Kristin, Jill, Amanda, and Kristen
celebrating Baby Charles #2

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