Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Is the ball supposed to go OVER the net?

Today, I took my first tennis lesson.  

Why tennis?  Why now?

Well, when I turned 30 I told myself it was time to try new things - start new hobbies and push myself a bit.  I took up sewing in the fall.  I'm no Betsy Ross - but I have sewn a couple projects here and there.  

I also wanted to take up a sport that Justin and I could do together.  And...there is NO WAY I am about to take up golf!  Other than the Tiger Woods scandal - I think golf is too boring! :)

So Tennis it is.

I survived my first lesson...though my muscles are hurting like they did the first week of summer cheer practice as they did years ago (when 30 seemed old!).  You should have seen the instructor's face when I told her the only athletic experience I had was 10 years of cheerleading! Let's just say she wasn't impressed - and tried to keep her laughter contained.

So stayed tuned - another lesson next week.  And Justin and I might just go play a game - or a "match" as I'm told it is called.  

Cheers to new adventures!

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