Sunday, February 28, 2010

Beach Fun Coming Soon!

Not sure about you?  But I need the sun to come out soon.  Jackson wants to play outside - and so do I.  And...I know Justin is ready for some golfing weather.  

If the sun won't come to us - we will go to the sun! We have planned a trip to Florida in May.  We are looking forward to getting away as a family.  Most importantly. it will be Jackson's first trip to the beach.  However, if he is anything like his Mommy - he will prefer spending the day pool-side.  :)  Either way, I am looking forward to spending the week with Justin and Jackson!!

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P.S.  Any tips regarding traveling on an airplane with a toddler is much appreciated! :)

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The Walti Family said...

Stickers...roll of tape...snacks...portable DVD all worked for Jack and made our 2 1/2 trip bearable! :-)

Good Luck - I'm Jealous!