Sunday, February 21, 2010

HHS Alumni Night

My parents met at Highland high school, my sister (Michelle) met her husband while also attending Highland, Justin and I also met at Highland (technically it was Junior High).  Some of our closest friends are friends we met in high school. To us, Highland High School, is a place full of great memories.

Of course, we were sad to hear the news of the school board's decision to close our school after this year.  We hate that it won't be there any longer to attend a basketball game to hear the bagpipes when we want take a trip down memory lane.

This past weekend, Highland turned its last home basketball game into "Alumni Night" and invited all former athletes, cheerleaders, mascots, band members, and etc. to come back and take in a game one more time.  

Highland also took this opportunity to honor my cheer coach who has coached for 33 years.  It was mentioned that she was the longest serving coach in the school's history and even the community.  Over 50 former cheerleaders came to the event to help honor her and take in one last game.  It was so neat to see old faces that I spent my years cheering with - and even faces that I have only heard stories about. We were all invited to do the school song one last time - despite the obvious fears we wouldn't remember it - we all did it!   Even better, was that the majority of us dug out our old Varsity Sweaters for the event.  

We weren't the only ones digging through the closets.  Highland's oldest mascot sported his sweater with  the year 1959 on it.  I saw men in letter jacket's too small for them - yet still proud to show their accomplishment.  I saw old drum major's who came out to show they could still toss the mace just as they had years ago (see the video below).  And an old band director - one that my sister's use to curse during band camp - come out of retirement to direct the band one more time.  I saw my old principal beaming with pride from his usual seat where he kept an eye on us years ago.  

At half-time the school honored former athletes by sport and listed many accomplishments to be remembered.  Justin was noted for playing basketball and baseball.  Our good friend Adam McCord was recognized for playing football.  My sister, Deb was also recognized for serving four years as a majorette.  It was great to remember the years we spent dedicated to these sports and activities - with the people we made these memories with - it was like we hadn't missed a beat.

For those of you who couldn't make it.  Here are some pictures and videos from Alumni Night. Enjoy!

Jackson in his "Scots" t-shirt

It was so great to enjoy the night with one of my best friends - Jess - who cheered right next to me for four years.  We missed the other girls from our class and talked about memories of them all night!  :)

Jess and I snuck to the "blue gym" where we spent our
 summers sweating at practice two times a day!

Then and Now: Our principal - Mr Brown, Current Principal - Mrs. McCord, Current Mascots, Otis - Highland's FIRST mascot, a member of HHS' first basketball team, and a current basketball team member.  LOVED OTIS!

School Song

Pre -game with former Drum Majors

For more video of Alumni Night click here.


The Buening Family said...

How bittersweet! It looks like you had a memorable time.
I LOVE Jackson's shirt.

Jessica said...

It sure was a fun but sad night... I'm glad we spent it together.