Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Welcome to the World, Mr. Brennan Parker Noah

Welcome to the World, Mr. Brennan Parker Noah.

Two days ago, our great friends, Amanda and David Noah welcomed their first child into this world.  

I was lucky enough to be there to see David (whom we often refer to as Noah) greet their family in the waiting room and announce "He's Here".  Excitement filled the room as he rattled off statistics of weight and height.  We all breathed a little easier when he said Amanda was doing great.  He then looked up and said, "Now, we have to name him..." and walked away.  We all waited patiently until it was announced:  Brennan Parker Noah.  Perfect...and so is he.  

Brennan has the most adorable cry.  Just enough to let you know he needs you, but not loud enough for anyone to care.  Instead, Amanda lights up with a big smile when she hears it.  As she should.  When the nurse gave Brennan his first bath, it was so great to see Noah jump up to watch - a proud father who didn't want to miss it.  These first time parents are filled with joy over their son - and they have every reason to be.  Brennan melted every one's heart an instant after meeting him.  

Brennan lucked out as well - he came into this world to two people who were lovingly awaiting his arrival.  It has been so fun to watch Amanda and Noah get prepared for Brennan.  They wanted everything to be perfect...thus they couldn't pick a name before meeting him - it had to be just right.  They couldn't have gone wrong with this little guy!  Brennan even sent Amanda roses yesterday - thanking her for her hard work!!

Justin and I drove back to Greensburg last night for a quick visit.  Other friends were there too...and it was so great to visit and celebrate Brennan all together.  Enjoy some photos of our visit.  

Brennan with the GNO girls!

I can't wait to introduce Jackson and Brennan.  I know they will be fast friends!

P.S.  Everyone keeps asking if Brennan has Amanda's be the judge!   

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Anonymous said...

This baby is too cute but he doesn't look like he has the dreaded conehead like baby Jackson. He just looks perfect and can't wait to see him in person. Congrats to Amanda and Noah :) Penny