Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Best Wishes to Amanda and Noah!

The Noah's - about to be a "Party of Three"

This past weekend Justin and I, along with The Charles' and The Harms', threw a couples baby shower for our good friends, Amanda and David Noah.  

The Noah's, The Bixler's, The Harms' and The Charles'

Kristin, Kristen, Amanda, and Jill

There is a baby in there!

Amanda and Noah are expecting the first baby in February.  A sweet baby boy will arrive in a couple of months and win them over in an instant (though you can tell he already has)!

It was great to celebrate with Amanda and Noah, along with their families and share in the excitement for Baby Noah.  

We can't wait to meet Baby Noah - I am certain he and Jackson will be fast friends!  

Best Wishes to Amanda and Noah!  Baby Noah is already lucky to have parents like you!  

P.S. Amanda looks fantastic! 

Even Ripley - their dog - got a present!

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