Thursday, December 31, 2009

Shooting Hoops!

Each day when I pick Jackson up from school, I always ask what he wants to do when we get home.  Usually the answer is "Manny" or "Mickey" - his favorite cartoons!

Since Santa Claus stopped by our place with a basketball goal and ball, Jackson has a different answer.  This is how our conversation goes now:

Me: What do you want to do when we get home, budder?

Jackson:  Ball?

Me:  Yeah, we can play ball.

Jackson:  DA-DA?

Me:  Yeah, DA-DA will play too!

Jackson: HUGE SMILE!

Love it!  

He now says: ball, shoot, basket, and Uh-Oh (when he misses).

P.S.  I recently moved the basketball goal into Jackson's room as I wasn't loving the fact that I had living room furniture made by Little Tikes.  Jackson was not happy.  He had a major melt down.  It is currently back in my living room!  :)

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The Walti Family said...

Just like Dad! His laugh is contagious!