Monday, December 14, 2009

A Brave Little Boy ... with not so brave parents.

He did it!

Today, Jackson had his first surgery.  He had his first (I hope his only) set of tubes put in to help prevent ear infections.  We've battled ear infections for months and this should help.

Jackson was so brave.  He didn't even cry when the nurse carried him away from Justin and I.  However, we weren't so brave.  I was crying while we were sitting in the waiting room.  I was imagining how scared Jackson must have been.

However...15 min later the doctor was telling us what a "great time" Jackson had in the operating room.  Apparently he was having a lot of fun with the tools and "toys" the doctor was showing him.  He wasn't too thrilled with the mask being put over his mouth in order for him to take his brief "nap"...but I can't blame him.

In no time, Jackson was back in our arms trying to figure out what happened.  We were released immediately and were on our way home.  Jackson spent most of the day napping.  So did I.  I may not have had to undergo surgery - but the emotional tole on a Mommy is just as bad.

Tonight we treated Jackson to a drive to look at Christmas lights in honor of his bravery.  For a while he ooooohhh'd and awwww'd and then he just asked if he could watch his Handy Manny DVD!  He's back to his old self!  :)

A big thanks to Grandma Charsh, Grandma Penny, Grandpa John who sat in the hospital with us and put up with two grouchy and nervous parents.  Thanks to all the visitors, callers, texters who showered us with well-wishes for Jackson.  I knew this was such a minor surgery - but when it is your baby it seems like open-heart surgery.  Thanks to everyone who understood!

Here is to a new and improved, HEALTHY Jackson!

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Lindsay L said...

I'm so glad that he did well. Speaking from experience, this WILL change your life. Here's to an ear infection FREE 2010 !