Sunday, December 6, 2009

Congratulations, Tyler!

Justin and I wanted to post a huge "CONGRATS" to my cousin Tyler!

Tyler was awarded "Rookie of the Year" for the Chesterfield Fire Department this past weekend. 

I have always admired Tyler's work ethic and dedication to anything that he is involved in.  I'm glad that others notice it as well.  This award is much deserved and the Town of Chesterfield is lucky to have him!  Way-to-Go Tyler!

Fun Fact:  Tyler and his fiance, Audrey, recently asked Jackson to be the ring bearer in their wedding this coming summer.  In fact, they have asked all of my nieces and nephews to be in the wedding. Tyler's Dad, my Uncle Tom (My Dad's youngest brother), was the ring bearer in my parent's wedding.  Uncle Tom's son, Tyler (my cousin) was the ring bearer in my sister's (Michelle) wedding. Now, my son will be the ring bearer in Tyler's wedding!  I hope Jackson makes it down the aisle - hopefully he won't have the pacifier in his mouth by then!  :)


Jessy said...

Kris.. Love the picture of Ty. We are SUPER proud of him too!

deb said...

Go T-man! VERY proud. He rocks.