Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our Little Buzz Lightyear!

Those of you who read this blog - know that Jackson is a fan of Buzz Lightyear (and a fan of Wood for that matter)!

So you won't be surprised that I caught him imitating the famous "Space Ranger" while playing on the indoor playground at the mall tonight. After watching his "show" about 10 times, I decided to film it to share with all of you!

Enjoy our little Buzz - to infinity and beyond!

P.S. Our Christmas post is coming soon! I'm still recovering from the holiday! :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Santa Stopped Here!

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. We certainly did. Funny how a little 2 year old boy can make a special holiday even more wonderful.

I can't wait to share more pictures and video's from our Christmas. For now, check out Jackson posing with his toys from Santa! He was so thrilled with all of his things and couldn't believe Santa left him so much. But he was a little disappointed that Santa ate the cookies and drank the milk. :) Perhaps he'll understand next year!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays!

We wanted to take some time - before the hustle and bustle starts - to wish each of you a very Merry Christmas. We hope you enjoy spending time with your family and loved ones and make wonderful memories this Christmas.

Click here to see a a few of our holiday photos.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jackson's Christmas Program 2010

As promised here is the video of Jackson's Christmas Pre-School program.

It is a bit long - but at least check out the first couple of minutes where Jackson shows how he has learned to hum. Hilarious! He had been practicing at home the weeks leading up to the show and Justin and I got quite a kick out of it.

Perhaps we still won't call Broadway - or Radio City holiday show - but he seems to have warmed up a bit from his spring pre-school show. PROGRESS! :)

Jackson's Christmas show was one of the highlights of our Christmas this year. We were very proud parents!

Check out our little Christmas mouse!

A big thanks to Justin's parents, my Grandma, and my Mom for driving to Indy for the big show! Jackson was pretty impressed to look out and see all of us! :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Our Little Christmas Mouse!

Today was Jackson's first Christmas show. I am still wiping the tears from my eyes...It was too sweet and we were so proud of him!

Video coming tomorrow. Right now Jackson is watching his performance over and over - keeping me from downloading the video. He's his own biggest fan!

Can't wait to share the video. :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Santa is coming to town!

Check out Jackson telling me all about Santa coming...

notice that "Woody/Buzz" even made it in to the story.

Can't wait for Christmas morning!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Just what friends are for!

Those of you who have known me for a long time - know that my oldest friend is Jenny (Reeves) Moore.

I met Jenny in Pre-school. It was an instant friendship - one full of giggles. We often drove our parents crazy with loud laughter that was never ending - just as little girls should. Imagine my pure joy when I found out that my dear friend would be moving next door to my family when I was in grade school.

As the years went by, Jenny and I enjoyed swimming at each others houses, early breakfasts with my Dad at McDonald's as he drove us to school, and many Girl Scout meetings with our mom's as leaders.

Our college years were different as our visits were few and far between - but one thing never changed. The laughter. Jenny and I could pick up right where we left off - no matter how many months it had been.

As adults, we have stood up with each other as we both exchanged vows with our husbands, held each others hand through tragedy and sorrow, and of course have managed to always continue the laughter.

I truly feel lucky to have attended Mrs. Fry's Pre-school class so many years ago and met Jenny. I find it only fitting that Jackson and Jenny share the same birthday - May 3rd. Jenny doesn't have her own children yet, but never waivers in listening to my "Jackson Stories" and even chimes in when other mom-friends and I are debating the political correctness of Disney's Handy Manny cartoon. :)

For about a month now, I have been HUNTING for a certain Hallmark ornament for Jackson. Of course, it was the most popular ornament of the year and was sold out everywhere. I was searching for the Toy Story ornament - High Flying Friends. I'm certain you have one - it seemed everyone did but us!

I called every place I could think of and even shopped in Chicago for this popular ornament! NO LUCK! I was almost ready to pay double on e-bay when I thought of one last idea. I sent a text to about 10 girlfriends asking for their help in making my little boy smile with this special ornament. Within 24 hours I received a text back saying, "I GOT THE ORNAMENT" - of course, it was from Jenny.

Jenny lives in Terre Haute and she had called multiple stores until she found just what I was looking for. I wasn't surprised that it was Jenny who came to my rescue - and I couldn't be more grateful. Its funny the things that mean the world to you when your a mother - and this special "Woody- Buzz" ornament was the item I needed to start this Christmas season off just right for Jackson. Thanks so much, Jen!

Enjoy some photos of Jackson and his "Woody Buzz" ornament!

Its His Favorite!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just call us The Griswald's!

Each year, I beg Justin for outside holiday lights. And each year, I lose the battle. Not this year. Though I don't think I had much to do with the victory - it was all Jackson. One night, a few weeks ago, Jackson and I enjoyed the drive home from school looking at all the holiday lights. That night Jackson said to his Daddy, "Daddy, I want lights on the 'big house'."

Done. We have lights!

We don't just have lights, we also have 4 Christmas trees and 1 more to come. We have a lighted deer in the front yard and a giant Santa Claus on our back porch (peeking into the kitchen to make sure Jackson is eating his dinner!). The giant Santa was my folks' as I was growing up. I remember hugging Santa each trip into the house as it stood by our front door.

Oh what I difference a child can make at Christmas.

Justin has gone from insisting that we not over-due the holiday decorations to making quick trips home each night to make sure all the lights, deer, and trees are lit and ready for Jackson before we arrive home. Remind you of Clark Griswald???

Jackson's reaction to the lights on his 'big house'? "Pretty Cool, Dad!" Justin decided then and there - that we would have even more lights next year...can't wait! Even I can't wait to come home and enjoy the decorations and listen to the million questions Jackson has about Santa - like "Is our door broken and Santa use the fireplace on Christmas? Pop can fix it!" So sweet!

Can't wait to spend the rest of this holiday month with Jackson.

Picture of Jackson's tree from my mom to come too - it already has some special ornaments ready for it!

Jackson helping decorate the tree

Posing next to his Mickey Mouse ornament from Aunt Shel

Tree from our Apartment

Justin's tree - colored lights

My Tree - white lights

My Deer. My folks had a set of three that used to sit in their yards. Each of my sisters now have one in their yards. This is the first year Justin agreed to light it up. I was so excited!

Griswald's House :)

My Santa from when I was Young - Jackson said "Big Ho Ho" is here!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Circle of Lights 2010

Most of you know, that it is a long standing tradition in my family that we attend the Circle of Lights event downtown Indianapolis each year. I don't think I have missed one yet - so that means I've been to 31!

Years ago my sisters and I added Black Friday shopping to our tradition and haven't stopped since. We love it. We weren't as dedicated as some of my friends who didn't go to sleep and were out shopping by midnight...but we were out by 4 am to score my oldest sister a new dishwasher. We were delerious by early afternoon as Deb and I were starting to argue over her road "shot-gun". We even raced to the car at one point - I had to push out of the way at the end - but I still won just the same! :)

After shopping, we went to my sister's, Michelle, company Christmas party. Jackson had been waiting for this part all night - because he knew Santa was going to be there. I told him to have his list ready and to tell Santa what a good boy he had been...figuring in realtiy he wouldn't even sit on his lap. I couldn't have been more wrong. He hopped up on Santa's lap, told him what he wanted, and even cuddled up for the picture.

2010 - Jackson and Santa

Here are some other family favorite photos from a fun weekend!

With the Big Kids

His best friend - his Daddy!

Story Time with Santa