Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just call us The Griswald's!

Each year, I beg Justin for outside holiday lights. And each year, I lose the battle. Not this year. Though I don't think I had much to do with the victory - it was all Jackson. One night, a few weeks ago, Jackson and I enjoyed the drive home from school looking at all the holiday lights. That night Jackson said to his Daddy, "Daddy, I want lights on the 'big house'."

Done. We have lights!

We don't just have lights, we also have 4 Christmas trees and 1 more to come. We have a lighted deer in the front yard and a giant Santa Claus on our back porch (peeking into the kitchen to make sure Jackson is eating his dinner!). The giant Santa was my folks' as I was growing up. I remember hugging Santa each trip into the house as it stood by our front door.

Oh what I difference a child can make at Christmas.

Justin has gone from insisting that we not over-due the holiday decorations to making quick trips home each night to make sure all the lights, deer, and trees are lit and ready for Jackson before we arrive home. Remind you of Clark Griswald???

Jackson's reaction to the lights on his 'big house'? "Pretty Cool, Dad!" Justin decided then and there - that we would have even more lights next year...can't wait! Even I can't wait to come home and enjoy the decorations and listen to the million questions Jackson has about Santa - like "Is our door broken and Santa use the fireplace on Christmas? Pop can fix it!" So sweet!

Can't wait to spend the rest of this holiday month with Jackson.

Picture of Jackson's tree from my mom to come too - it already has some special ornaments ready for it!

Jackson helping decorate the tree

Posing next to his Mickey Mouse ornament from Aunt Shel

Tree from our Apartment

Justin's tree - colored lights

My Tree - white lights

My Deer. My folks had a set of three that used to sit in their yards. Each of my sisters now have one in their yards. This is the first year Justin agreed to light it up. I was so excited!

Griswald's House :)

My Santa from when I was Young - Jackson said "Big Ho Ho" is here!

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Jason & Nadia said...

Your home looks absolutely beautiful! Congrats! We are so happy for you guys! We hope you have a wonderful 1st Christmas in your new home!