Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Circle of Lights 2010

Most of you know, that it is a long standing tradition in my family that we attend the Circle of Lights event downtown Indianapolis each year. I don't think I have missed one yet - so that means I've been to 31!

Years ago my sisters and I added Black Friday shopping to our tradition and haven't stopped since. We love it. We weren't as dedicated as some of my friends who didn't go to sleep and were out shopping by midnight...but we were out by 4 am to score my oldest sister a new dishwasher. We were delerious by early afternoon as Deb and I were starting to argue over her road "shot-gun". We even raced to the car at one point - I had to push out of the way at the end - but I still won just the same! :)

After shopping, we went to my sister's, Michelle, company Christmas party. Jackson had been waiting for this part all night - because he knew Santa was going to be there. I told him to have his list ready and to tell Santa what a good boy he had been...figuring in realtiy he wouldn't even sit on his lap. I couldn't have been more wrong. He hopped up on Santa's lap, told him what he wanted, and even cuddled up for the picture.

2010 - Jackson and Santa

Here are some other family favorite photos from a fun weekend!

With the Big Kids

His best friend - his Daddy!

Story Time with Santa

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