Sunday, February 28, 2010

Beach Fun Coming Soon!

Not sure about you?  But I need the sun to come out soon.  Jackson wants to play outside - and so do I.  And...I know Justin is ready for some golfing weather.  

If the sun won't come to us - we will go to the sun! We have planned a trip to Florida in May.  We are looking forward to getting away as a family.  Most importantly. it will be Jackson's first trip to the beach.  However, if he is anything like his Mommy - he will prefer spending the day pool-side.  :)  Either way, I am looking forward to spending the week with Justin and Jackson!!

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P.S.  Any tips regarding traveling on an airplane with a toddler is much appreciated! :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Swimming Lessons - Week 1 - LOVED IT

I recently signed Jackson up for swimming lessons.  

I think I was more excited than he was.  

A "Mommy and Me" swimming class sounded like so much fun.  Only downfall was I had to buy a one piece bathing suit (these things do nothing for the figure)...but as Justin said - this isn't a fashion show! 

So - off we went this morning to the YMCA just down the road.  Jackson chatted in the car all about how he was going to splash in the as he said.  

Once we arrived, we headed to the "Family" locker room.  Jackson immediately made himself at home and chatted up another mommy.  Once we were dressed - we grabbed our towels and headed to the pool.  There were two other little boys - much younger than Jackson - waiting for class to start.  

Once class started, Jackson was a little leery of the swim coach.  But, once she started singing Wheels on the Bus and Itsy Bitsy Spider - she had a fast friend in Jackson.  After that it was all smiles and giggles for the rest of the class.  Jackson loved his bubble belt and yellow noodle that helped keep him afloat.  He also loved the part where he got to jump off the side of the pool as he shouted READY, SET, GO!

At the end of the class the swim coach pulled me aside and suggested that Jackson and I may want to attend the afternoon class.  I looked a little confused because I thought that class was for three and up...she looked confused at my confused look....then, she asked, "When does he turn three?"  I politely smiled and said - "In about 16 months - he isn't yet two. He's just a big boy!" We laughed and agreed that Jackson needed different instruction than the other two boys (who just turned one).  The swim coach agreed to set some time aside each class to work with Jackson since he is more "advanced" (wink, wink).  The swim coach seems great and I'm really looking forward to the next 6 weeks!

I have to admit that as class started I got a little emotional.  I feel very lucky to be Jackson's mom and get to do such fun things like this.  He makes life so fun!!  :)

Justin was able to pop into class today to snap a few photos!  Enjoy!

I can't decide what Jackson liked more: Swimming or the 
Chocolate Chip cookie afterwards. :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday, Justin!

Jackson loved helping Justin blow out the candles!

Today is Justin's 30th Birthday.

We celebrated with friends and family a few weeks ago.

Yesterday we celebrated with Justin's family with dinner and a great visit.

Tonight, Jackson and I gave Justin his gift and we had a low key night at home (Shhh...don't tell anyone Justin wanted to stay home and watch The Bachelor!)


Happy Birthday!  I can't wait to spend the next 30+ years with you!

I love you!  Jackson and I are so lucky to have you!

Love always,

Sunday, February 21, 2010

HHS Alumni Night

My parents met at Highland high school, my sister (Michelle) met her husband while also attending Highland, Justin and I also met at Highland (technically it was Junior High).  Some of our closest friends are friends we met in high school. To us, Highland High School, is a place full of great memories.

Of course, we were sad to hear the news of the school board's decision to close our school after this year.  We hate that it won't be there any longer to attend a basketball game to hear the bagpipes when we want take a trip down memory lane.

This past weekend, Highland turned its last home basketball game into "Alumni Night" and invited all former athletes, cheerleaders, mascots, band members, and etc. to come back and take in a game one more time.  

Highland also took this opportunity to honor my cheer coach who has coached for 33 years.  It was mentioned that she was the longest serving coach in the school's history and even the community.  Over 50 former cheerleaders came to the event to help honor her and take in one last game.  It was so neat to see old faces that I spent my years cheering with - and even faces that I have only heard stories about. We were all invited to do the school song one last time - despite the obvious fears we wouldn't remember it - we all did it!   Even better, was that the majority of us dug out our old Varsity Sweaters for the event.  

We weren't the only ones digging through the closets.  Highland's oldest mascot sported his sweater with  the year 1959 on it.  I saw men in letter jacket's too small for them - yet still proud to show their accomplishment.  I saw old drum major's who came out to show they could still toss the mace just as they had years ago (see the video below).  And an old band director - one that my sister's use to curse during band camp - come out of retirement to direct the band one more time.  I saw my old principal beaming with pride from his usual seat where he kept an eye on us years ago.  

At half-time the school honored former athletes by sport and listed many accomplishments to be remembered.  Justin was noted for playing basketball and baseball.  Our good friend Adam McCord was recognized for playing football.  My sister, Deb was also recognized for serving four years as a majorette.  It was great to remember the years we spent dedicated to these sports and activities - with the people we made these memories with - it was like we hadn't missed a beat.

For those of you who couldn't make it.  Here are some pictures and videos from Alumni Night. Enjoy!

Jackson in his "Scots" t-shirt

It was so great to enjoy the night with one of my best friends - Jess - who cheered right next to me for four years.  We missed the other girls from our class and talked about memories of them all night!  :)

Jess and I snuck to the "blue gym" where we spent our
 summers sweating at practice two times a day!

Then and Now: Our principal - Mr Brown, Current Principal - Mrs. McCord, Current Mascots, Otis - Highland's FIRST mascot, a member of HHS' first basketball team, and a current basketball team member.  LOVED OTIS!

School Song

Pre -game with former Drum Majors

For more video of Alumni Night click here.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sophie...Our Sophie???

Remember our dog Sophie?  

Justin and I tried several times to find her a new home after we realized that she couldn't stay with us for various reasons.  However, each time we tried, we found a reason to keep her. Mostly because she tugged at our hearts too much.

Over the summer we decided to give Sophie to Justin's old boss and her family.  She and her husband have two boys to shower Sophie with affection.  And from what we hear - she's loving it!

Justin has been in touch with Sophie's new family to check in on her.  We had agreed that if they ever thought it wasn't working out that we would take Sophie back.  After all, we knew that she was a handful and thought they may have a change of heart after a week or two.  

Not a chance.

Since this summer Sophie has been camping, on family vacations, chasing squirrels in the back yard, and even bunking up with the youngest son each night.  

I just can't imagine Sophie - who we locked up in a cage each night and never let her off a leash outside - living with such freedom.  But I can guarantee she's happier.  

Knowing that she's happier - makes us happier too.

But - we do miss her!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Journey - 7 years later.

Today Justin and I celebrated 7 years of marriage!

Happy Anniversary, Justin!  I love you more than words can describe!







Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fun Photo!

Check out the mis-buttoned pjs, the belly that it too big for those pjs, along with the perfect accessories -  his Michael Jackson hat and a pacifier.  He's got style!

All - for an afternoon game of bowling!

Had to snap this photo!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jam Session with Daddy

Sesame Street Pjs, a pacifier, and an iPod.

What more could Jackson ask for?

Check out our clip of Justin and Jackson having a jam session!

Perhaps when Jackson's older, he'll adopt his Dad's dance moves.  Wedding receptions will be double the fun with both of them on the dance floor!  :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Colts are #1 in our hearts!

Colts lost the Super Bowl.  Saints won.

We took the loss tough!  Justin refuses to watch any coverage of the Saints victory...and I tend to agree.

But...We still love our Colts and can't wait to cheer for them next year!  

I will miss hearing Jackson saying "Go Colts" each Sunday when I put his jersey on him.  I think we'll have to get a new jersey next year - we were pushing the 2T with Jackson's belly by the end of the season!

Until next season...Go Colts!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Welcome to the World, Mr. Brennan Parker Noah

Welcome to the World, Mr. Brennan Parker Noah.

Two days ago, our great friends, Amanda and David Noah welcomed their first child into this world.  

I was lucky enough to be there to see David (whom we often refer to as Noah) greet their family in the waiting room and announce "He's Here".  Excitement filled the room as he rattled off statistics of weight and height.  We all breathed a little easier when he said Amanda was doing great.  He then looked up and said, "Now, we have to name him..." and walked away.  We all waited patiently until it was announced:  Brennan Parker Noah.  Perfect...and so is he.  

Brennan has the most adorable cry.  Just enough to let you know he needs you, but not loud enough for anyone to care.  Instead, Amanda lights up with a big smile when she hears it.  As she should.  When the nurse gave Brennan his first bath, it was so great to see Noah jump up to watch - a proud father who didn't want to miss it.  These first time parents are filled with joy over their son - and they have every reason to be.  Brennan melted every one's heart an instant after meeting him.  

Brennan lucked out as well - he came into this world to two people who were lovingly awaiting his arrival.  It has been so fun to watch Amanda and Noah get prepared for Brennan.  They wanted everything to be perfect...thus they couldn't pick a name before meeting him - it had to be just right.  They couldn't have gone wrong with this little guy!  Brennan even sent Amanda roses yesterday - thanking her for her hard work!!

Justin and I drove back to Greensburg last night for a quick visit.  Other friends were there too...and it was so great to visit and celebrate Brennan all together.  Enjoy some photos of our visit.  

Brennan with the GNO girls!

I can't wait to introduce Jackson and Brennan.  I know they will be fast friends!

P.S.  Everyone keeps asking if Brennan has Amanda's be the judge!   

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh to be 29 again...and again...and again...

This weekend we celebrated the "First Anniversary" of Justin's, Jason's and Adam's 29th birthday.  That's right - these boys are turning 30!

Justin turns 30 next month - but he isn't the only one.  Two of Justin's great friends, Adam and Jason, will also celebrate the big 30.  A few months ago their wives, Sara, Nadia and I sat down to begin planning a celebration! 

Our party planning consisted of dinners out where the planning happened in the first 20 minutes of our conversation - and then we would spend the rest of the night laughing and talking about our husbands.  These girls are a ton of fun and planning the party was just as fun as the celebration itself!

The party didn't turn out to be a surprise for various reasons - but Justin knew I wasn't going to let his 30th birthday fly by without a big celebration.  He was excited to hear that the big night would also include Jason and Adam.  

The party was so fun and we spent the next day talking about how lucky we are to have such great family and friends.  Justin has grown up with the same group of 12-15 guys who have remained close through high school, college, and even today.  So it was nice to look around the room and see so many faces that have been a part of our lives for as long as we can remember!

As the night progressed - so did the beer.  These three 30 year old men tried to prove to themselves that age is just a number.  However, in the end, the truth came out when all three realized that the "After Party" consisted of two Tylenol and a bed!!!

Justin has spent the last two days recovering.  And from what I hear - so have Jason and Adam.

Happy 30th birthday to Adam, Jason, and Justin!  

We even had Corn Hole!