Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Swimming Lessons - Week 1 - LOVED IT

I recently signed Jackson up for swimming lessons.  

I think I was more excited than he was.  

A "Mommy and Me" swimming class sounded like so much fun.  Only downfall was I had to buy a one piece bathing suit (these things do nothing for the figure)...but as Justin said - this isn't a fashion show! 

So - off we went this morning to the YMCA just down the road.  Jackson chatted in the car all about how he was going to splash in the as he said.  

Once we arrived, we headed to the "Family" locker room.  Jackson immediately made himself at home and chatted up another mommy.  Once we were dressed - we grabbed our towels and headed to the pool.  There were two other little boys - much younger than Jackson - waiting for class to start.  

Once class started, Jackson was a little leery of the swim coach.  But, once she started singing Wheels on the Bus and Itsy Bitsy Spider - she had a fast friend in Jackson.  After that it was all smiles and giggles for the rest of the class.  Jackson loved his bubble belt and yellow noodle that helped keep him afloat.  He also loved the part where he got to jump off the side of the pool as he shouted READY, SET, GO!

At the end of the class the swim coach pulled me aside and suggested that Jackson and I may want to attend the afternoon class.  I looked a little confused because I thought that class was for three and up...she looked confused at my confused look....then, she asked, "When does he turn three?"  I politely smiled and said - "In about 16 months - he isn't yet two. He's just a big boy!" We laughed and agreed that Jackson needed different instruction than the other two boys (who just turned one).  The swim coach agreed to set some time aside each class to work with Jackson since he is more "advanced" (wink, wink).  The swim coach seems great and I'm really looking forward to the next 6 weeks!

I have to admit that as class started I got a little emotional.  I feel very lucky to be Jackson's mom and get to do such fun things like this.  He makes life so fun!!  :)

Justin was able to pop into class today to snap a few photos!  Enjoy!

I can't decide what Jackson liked more: Swimming or the 
Chocolate Chip cookie afterwards. :)


Nickie Eisele said...

Too cute, Kris! I'm glad you had a great time!

Grandpa John said...

Michael Phelps watch out!!