Friday, August 23, 2013

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Meet the Teacher Night

How am I supposed to get through the first day of Kindergarten when I can't even get through "Meet the Teacher night" without crying!?!

Seeing Jackson in his soon-to-be classroom seemed as if he aged years in that very moment.

Jackson was shy at first, but was right at home in a matter of minutes.  I on the other hand stood in awe that the sweet baby boy that made me fall in love with being a mom was approaching a day when his Mom wasn't needed (ok, I know I am still needed).

Who let this baby grow up to be a Kindergartner?

Of course, my love for school kicked in and I was reminded how excited I was for him.  He will learn so much and will grow leaps and bounds this year.  I looked around the room and saw so many children that will become instant friends for Jackson.  I also saw Jackson's best buddy ( and our next door neighbor), Ryne one table over.  So great that they will have one another.
So, Kindergarten starts in less than 48 hours.  I'll be spending those gathering tissues and picking what bar I will be hitting up after the bus pulls away!  (Ok...I'm joking about the bar!...Sort of!)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hello? Hello? Any one there?

Hi.  Remember us?

Yes.  Its been a while since our last post...a whole new person has joined our family and needless to say life is busy!  And, while I love updating our blog and writing about our adventures in parenting - time spent sitting at my computer to write uninterrupted doesn't come very often....I mean it NEVER happens.

My goal is to start writing and posting more often.  I enjoy keeping you all up to date with the happenings of our lives and not just rely on Facebook posts to do so.  I could go back and post about all that you have missed (and I may from time to time) but I think the best is to pick up where we are and keep my promise to post more often.

And just to prove a point - I was interrupted 4 times while I typed the above two paragraphs.  Ahhhh.....

Just a few notes for those that may be new to our blog:
- I will have typos, grammar errors, and etc.  I usually update late a night when one eye is already shut and I'm half awake. Please do not e-mail me to point out the errors (yes, this has happened).
- I'll probably swear.  Its what I do.  I'm not a bad person - but it keeps my sanity.
- As much as I am promising to keep up with the posting...I am sure I will fail at times.  Please understand that this "Mom sh!t" is hard and capturing it in a blog post makes it even harder.

And with that....our family blog is Active! Welcome Back!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Introducing: Lincoln Michael Bixler

Introducing our Beautiful Son,


Born on January 2013
@ 8:26 am.

7lb 10 oz and 20.5 inches long

A Letter to Jackson:

A letter to Jackson on the eve of becoming a big brother:

January 27, 2013

Dear Jackson, 

Tonight your Dad and I dropped you off at your Aunt Shel's house because tomorrow we are off to the hospital so your baby brother, Lincoln can be born.  Tonight we hugged you with mixed emotions...and even you could feel a change coming.  

We've played all of your favorite games today - Dad and I wanted to soak up one more day of showering you and only you with all of our love and attention.  Tomorrow we will be come a family of four - something that we have all been very excited about.  

I think about the day you were born often...though I feel like I have "war stories" to tell from that day - it truly was the best day of my life.  Getting to hold you with your Dad beaming by my side is a feeling I will never take for granted.  The first few days of being parents were met with such joy and excitement.  Dad and I had no idea what we were doing.  We knew nothing about bathing, feeding, or changing a baby.  But - soon you would teach us all we needed to know.  We took your lead and before we knew it - we were all pros!

As the months went on you became more than our first became our rock.  Our world was shaken as we could never have expected on August 7 - 3 months after you were born...I lost my own Dad.  You were the one thing that got us through those dark days.  Your smile lit up the room when I didn't want to turn on the light.  You were changing every day and I knew I couldn't miss a thing.  I will never be able to thank you for getting me through those dark days.  Your Dad and I had waited five years before having a child...and I have to believe God had a hand in leading us to become parents when we did.  He knew we would need you.  

The first few years of your life was such an exciting time.  We have loved watching you develop the stubborn and competitive personality you have inherited from you father.  :)  From such a young age it was obvious you would love sports.  Touting your own golf clubs since you could walk, hitting a baseball since you were two, and choosing ESPN over cartoons made it pretty obvious that this girly-girl Mom needed to brush up on sports.  Yet again - you were leading me!

Your Dad and I have also loved watching you develop your sensitive side - though you seem to crumble when someone tells you no - as if you take it very personally (I have no idea where you get this - tee hee), you also care deeply for family, friends, neighbors, and even your baby brother that will be here tomorrow.  We couldn't be more proud of this trait.  I will miss you hugging and kissing my belly each time you walk by me - I'm sure that will be traded with hugs and kisses for Lincoln.  I can't wait to watch you share your love with him.  

You continue to grow and teach me each day.  I know that will not change tomorrow when we welcome Lincoln into this world.  I cannot wait to see what else you have to share with us as the years go by.  But on the eve of you becoming a big brother I wanted to take some time to write this and place it in your baby-book.  I will forever be grateful to you for teaching me how to be a good mother.  

Tonight, before we piled into the car to drive to Aunt Shel's house - I hugged you and tears filled me eyes.  I tried to hide them from you - but when my eyes met yours - you were crying too.  I asked you why?  You said you didn't know.  But I knew.  As excited as you are about being a big brother, you knew there is a shift about to happen.  You are scared.  I am too.  But one thing I know is that once again, you will meet this new role head on - you will teach me - you will teach your Dad - you will certainly teach Lincoln with your dimples, smile, and full of heart personality.  

Thank you, son, for teaching me, and for being exactly who you are. I couldn't love you more!

All my love,


The Growing Game

I told myself I would document this pregnancy the same way I did when I was pregnant with Jackson.  Thanks to a quick "mirror shot" with and and iPhone I was able to do just that.  While I stressed about the growing "bump" looking back at me in the mirror as each week it grew bigger...I love looking back at these, I know the bump goes away...for the most part!

6 weeks :)

11 weeks :)

18 weeks :)

20 weeks :)

23 weeks :)

30 weeks :)

34 weeks!  :)

Lincoln's Birthday!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Our Christmas 2012

Yes.  I know it is April.  But I've been a little busy! :)

Each year, I create a movie capturing our Christmas memories.  I download it to a DVD and we usually watch it the following year.  It is always great to look back at how little Jackson was or how excited he was over a certain present.  Such Fun!

This year certainly was special.  It was our last Christmas morning with just having one child to watch open presents.  We took in every moment all season long.  It was such a special time!

Enjoy this years video...CLICK HERE!

Getting Ready for Baby Lincoln

As with Jackson's nursery, I wanted Lincoln's nursery to be perfect. After all, he was the perfect addition to our family and I wanted to welcome him into our home with the perfect room.

The planning of a nursery is a small project for some. But not for us. For us, it is a family affair. Justin had his mind set on some wood work he wanted to do for the nursery...and like most of Justin's home-improvement projects...he enlisted his Dad to help. Justin's Mom and Dad also helped with the painting...they even had an extra helper... Jackson!

When it came to picking out bedding and Mom was there to help. I even questioned my choice at the last minute and she drove out to calm me down (I often needed "calmed down" during my pregnancy -eek!).

A special thanks to all who helped make Lincoln's room so special.

Slowly, but surely Jackson's old play-room was transformed to a beautiful nursery for our baby boy. As Lincoln's arrival grew closer, we found ourselves visiting the empty nursery wondering what Lincoln would be like. Jackson would sit in the glider and talk about his baby brother. Justin would look at the tiny diapers waiting to be used and couldn't believe that we would soon be on diaper duty again.

Looking back at these photos makes me cherish those days leading up to Lincoln's arrival even more. Somehow, the big belly, back pain, and bloating is out of my mind...and all I remember are the precious kicks, fresh laundered onsies, and hopes of a new little one.

Though I have my sisters to remind of how grumpy I was for nine months.... :)

Since I couldn't be around the paint...Jackson and I spent some special time together doing puzzles and other fun stuff just outside of Lincoln's room while everyone else worked.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jackson's First Colt's Game!

A big thanks to Aunt Shel who arranged for a family trip to the Colts game!  It was Jackson's first and he couldn't wait.  Of course, the day was even more special because his cousins got to attend too.

Enjoy some photos from this sports fan's special day!

Cheering for Colts!

Very Proud of his "My first Colts game" button


 He loved it!

A friend of my sister's who worked for the Colt's organization allowed each of the kids to try on his Super Bowl ring!  Check out that super smile!  So pumped!

A Family Tradition....

The Annual Tree Lighting of the Circle of Lights!

Of course...we didn't miss our tradition of spending Thanksgiving weekend downtown Indianapolis shopping, watching the tree lighting on Monument Circle, and just spending time as a family!

All dressed up at 30 weeks pregnant!


 Waiting for the tree lighting

Love them!

Family Tradition!

Counting Down!

Santa, Cousins and Grandma Charsh!

First of many visits with Santa for the season!

Justin, Deb, Michelle, and I snuck away to take in the Carrie Underwood concert.  :)

Thanksgiving 2012

Each year Justin and I attend a "Thanksgiving Feast" at Jackson's Pre-school.  This year was no different...except once I realized that my picky eater wanted no part of turkey and mashed potatoes (even though the kids helped cook and grocery shop for the feast)...Justin, Jackson, and I headed for Mcdonald's.  :)

Jackson and his friend Kennedy

Jackson made our hats! :)

This year for Thanksgiving I really wanted Jackson to understand the concept of the holiday.  This was our first year with the Bixler Family Tree of Thanks.  Each day, each of us added a leaf stating something that we are thankful for.  Jackson's leafs started out with things like "My Toys" and "My Air Jordan's"...but by the end of the month Jackson's leafs changed to "My family", "My teachers", and "My friends".  I loved seeing Jackson actually grasp the holiday.  Of course, I saved the leaf that said, "My Baby Brother".

Thanksgiving Day 2012 Photos

7 Months Pregnant with Lincoln! 

The Annual Cousin Photo at Grandma Evy's!
Hayden, Griffin, Olivia, Madeline, and Jackson