Sunday, January 27, 2013

Thanksgiving 2012

Each year Justin and I attend a "Thanksgiving Feast" at Jackson's Pre-school.  This year was no different...except once I realized that my picky eater wanted no part of turkey and mashed potatoes (even though the kids helped cook and grocery shop for the feast)...Justin, Jackson, and I headed for Mcdonald's.  :)

Jackson and his friend Kennedy

Jackson made our hats! :)

This year for Thanksgiving I really wanted Jackson to understand the concept of the holiday.  This was our first year with the Bixler Family Tree of Thanks.  Each day, each of us added a leaf stating something that we are thankful for.  Jackson's leafs started out with things like "My Toys" and "My Air Jordan's"...but by the end of the month Jackson's leafs changed to "My family", "My teachers", and "My friends".  I loved seeing Jackson actually grasp the holiday.  Of course, I saved the leaf that said, "My Baby Brother".

Thanksgiving Day 2012 Photos

7 Months Pregnant with Lincoln! 

The Annual Cousin Photo at Grandma Evy's!
Hayden, Griffin, Olivia, Madeline, and Jackson

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