Saturday, January 26, 2013

When you wish upon a star...

After finding out that we soon would be growing our family of three to a family of four, Justin and I both began thinking of taking our "threesome" on vacation one last time.  We looked at the Gulf Shores, vacation spots in Florida, and even Walt Disney World.  After much discussion - (did we really need ANOTHER trip to Walt Disney World)...that is exactly what we decided on.  We called up Mickey Mouse and told him to make room for us.  We would be there early fall - and couldn't wait to see Jackson ride the rides that he wasn't tall enough for the last time we were there.

After much planning - seriously I should write a book on Disney planning - hotel, flight, and dinner reservations had been made (It just isn't a week at Disney without breakfast with Mickey Mouse) we were set for a week away.  Only thing left to do...was to tell Jackson where we were going.  We decided to keep our vacation a secret until the morning of our flight.  Best decision ever!!

Justin laid out everything Disney that Jackson owns...and that is A LOT of items.  But the one thing that was a dead give away that we would be at the Dinsey Parks soon was Jackson's character autograph book.  As soon as Jackson saw that and his suit case he knew hugs from Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Pluto were in his future.  All of the sudden there were screams of M-I-C-K-E-Y in our home.  Justin and I were just as was going to be a great week!

This is what Jackson woke up to the morning of our flight!

He was very happy!

On our way!

We made it!

Big Bixler and Little Bixler

One of Jackson's favorite rides

and some of his favorite characters

Two of my favorite people....


Working on his tan...

Disney gave Jackson a "big brother" button so everyone would know we were celebrating!

One of my favorites

Dressed up for the Not So Scary Halloween Party

Pool Time!

Mr. GQ

He loved it!

Ok...Now that I've looked at all of our photos ... I'm ready to go back!  :)
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