Sunday, January 20, 2013

Olympic Camp

Those of you who know Jackson well know that he loves to get into the spirit of things.  Let it be the Super Bowl, the holidays, The Voice, or sports - he soaks it all in and loves participating in the fun.  This past summer, the Olympics were no different.  Jackson loved learning about Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  He developed an understanding of the fact that there are other countries out there that exist beyond Fishers, IN.   He also learned to chant USA at the television when Michael Phelps would swim.  I have no idea where the cheerleader in him comes from.....wink, wink!  :)

Jackson attended an Olympic Camp with his buddy, Ryne the week leading up to opening ceremonies. It was perfect for Jackson.  Not only did he love the activities and crafts...he also loved that he got to pack his lunch every day.  (I secretly loved packing it for him!)

Jackson is already asking if I will sign him up for "Olympic Camp" again this year...unfortunately, like the real Olympics, I don't think they will have it every year.  But, perhaps I can find another day camp that he can attend and bring his lunch...its the little things in life that make him happy!

Jackson and Ryne on the first day of Olympic Camp.  So excited about his lunch box!

Jackson was very proud of his Olympic Torch he made.

SOMEONE watched the opening ceremonies!

Last Day of Olympic Camp

Jackson and Ryne also attended VBS together last summer...and this photo was too sweet not to share!

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