Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jackson's School Photos - 2012

School Photo Day 2012

This year School Photo Day landed on a very busy week for us.  Justin, Jackson and I had packed up and moved into my sister's house for the week.  My sister and brother in law were on vacation for a week and we were watching their girls.  We were busy working, doing homework, carpool, and of course, our normal routine with Jackson.  It also happened to be the week that we found out that we would be bringing home another baby needless to say I had a million things on my mind!

I was so proud that I remembered to pick up Jackson a new shirt for photo day...only to show up a school and realize I was the next day.  Whoops!  Jackson was a good sport and dressed up for school two days in a row!

Here are a few snapshots from day 1...

And our actual school photos....

Not sure who told Jackson he was aloud to look ten years old! :)

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