Sunday, January 20, 2013

...and There Go The Training Wheels...

Last spring, Justin and I had been trying to get Jackson to ride his bike without his training wheels...with no success.  Until, Jackson saw his buddy, Ryne, outside learning to ride his bike sans the training wheels.  All of the sudden it was a MUST DO.  Knowing full well that I would be a nervous wreck watching the learning process I was quick to tell Jackson he needed to go ask his Dad to help him.

I also knew Justin was in the middle of something and was certain Jackson would have to wait until Justin was free.  However, much to my surprise the training wheels were off in minutes and there stood a very excited Justin AND Jackson...and I was one nervous Mommy.  Justin assured me that if Jackson was asking us to do this - we had to do it.  I was too busy picturing trips to the ER for a broken wrist or stitches in the chin.  Then, I realized I was remembering my own experience of learning to ride a bike.  

I decided to focus on Jackson's new found excitement and confidence in learning how to ride his bike.

Once the training wheels were he went.  I felt like he aged 3 years in 30 minutes!!

It sure was a fun summer watching Jackson and his buddies ride around on their bikes...such big boys!!!  

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