Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Knights Way Baby Boom!

Ashley (Baby Luke - now 4 months old), Melissa (Baby Owen - now 3 months old), Aman (Baby Anaya - now 3 months old, Krista (Baby Delaney - now 1 month old) and me (Baby Bixler #2 - coming any day)

As lucky as we are that Jackson has so many playmates his age on our cul-de-sac - we never dreamed we would be lucky enough for Baby Bixler #2 to have the same.  However, it happened.  One by one a lot of the families on our street were announcing that their families would soon be growing.  Before we knew it - we had 6 pregnant women at once (one not shown).  The poor men on our street were overwhelmed with hormones, our little ones all talked about becoming big brothers and sisters, and we all awaited each others news to hear if each family was gaining a brother or a sister.  This truly has been a special time with great friends.

This photo was taken in August.  Since then all of these fabulous ladies have delivered beautiful babies - except me.  Now just days away from meeting our newest addition to our family makes this photo even more special.  I was lucky to experience this pregnancy with such great friends!

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