Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cousin Fun in the Summer...

Cousins.  Is there anything better?

If you ask Jackson, the answer is no.

He idolizes his cousins.  There are no better playmates than Olivia, Griffin, Madeline, and Hayden.  In return, they are more than good to Jackson.  They always include him in everything they do...even when it might not be the best idea for a four year old (like teaching him Gangdam Style...which explains why you may hear Jackson singing "Hey, Sexy Lady").  I try and remind myself that this will make Jackson a very well rounded individual....Right?

I love Jackson's love for his cousins.  My Dad would be so proud of their closeness.  He would know that the importance of family that he stressed to us for years had been passed down to our children. And that would make him smile.

Love these five kiddos...

What fun the Cousin Club had over the summer!

Cousin trip to the Hot Dog Stand in Anderson

Out for Pizza before a cousin sleep-over
Rock Climbing
Celebrating a new member of the Cousin Club
July 4th Fireworks
Cousin Sleepover 

Late night swim!
Cousin Club meeting

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