Saturday, January 26, 2013

Summer Fun with Neighbors

For 2 years, we have been so lucky to live next such great neighbors.  On our cul-de-saq alone there are 6 - 4/5 year old kids that Jackson has turned into instant playmates and best buddies in the short time we have lived here.  There are also a handful of younger kids Jackson adores and older ones he idolizes.  As an added bonus, Justin and I have made some life-long friends with the other parents.  We couldn't be luckier.

Summertime in our neighborhood is extra fun.  There is always someone willing to play outside, ride bikes, scooters, gators, play baseball....or even meet for breakfast on the front porch.  Jackson has "a spot" by the front window where he sits and waits to see if any of his buddies are is very sweet to watch.  How much more fun could a 4 year old ask for?

Check out some of Jackson's summer fun with his friends!

Coloring with friends

 Snacks with friends

 July 4th Morning Spinkler Run with Morgan and Ryne

Jackson loved the morning's his buddy Ryne could join him for breakfast on the porch

Trip to the water park

Jackson and Ryne accompanied Hayley to her first day on the school bus.  Jackson visited the bus stop every day until the weather turned cold.  He is certainly excited for turn at Kindergarten this coming fall (200 days to go!)
 Jackson, Carter, and Tyler
a late night for the kiddos
Jackson always made time to wash his his Halloween PJs...with no shirt!

...and there was always a buddy to help when needed.
Jackson and Ryne

...but Jackson would always sneak away for a trip to the driving range!  Doesn't all 4 year olds?

P.S.  Is it summer yet?

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