Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Getting Ready for Baby Lincoln

As with Jackson's nursery, I wanted Lincoln's nursery to be perfect. After all, he was the perfect addition to our family and I wanted to welcome him into our home with the perfect room.

The planning of a nursery is a small project for some. But not for us. For us, it is a family affair. Justin had his mind set on some wood work he wanted to do for the nursery...and like most of Justin's home-improvement projects...he enlisted his Dad to help. Justin's Mom and Dad also helped with the painting...they even had an extra helper... Jackson!

When it came to picking out bedding and paint...my Mom was there to help. I even questioned my choice at the last minute and she drove out to calm me down (I often needed "calmed down" during my pregnancy -eek!).

A special thanks to all who helped make Lincoln's room so special.

Slowly, but surely Jackson's old play-room was transformed to a beautiful nursery for our baby boy. As Lincoln's arrival grew closer, we found ourselves visiting the empty nursery wondering what Lincoln would be like. Jackson would sit in the glider and talk about his baby brother. Justin would look at the tiny diapers waiting to be used and couldn't believe that we would soon be on diaper duty again.

Looking back at these photos makes me cherish those days leading up to Lincoln's arrival even more. Somehow, the big belly, back pain, and bloating is out of my mind...and all I remember are the precious kicks, fresh laundered onsies, and hopes of a new little one.

Though I have my sisters to remind of how grumpy I was for nine months.... :)

Since I couldn't be around the paint...Jackson and I spent some special time together doing puzzles and other fun stuff just outside of Lincoln's room while everyone else worked.

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