Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh to be 29 again...and again...and again...

This weekend we celebrated the "First Anniversary" of Justin's, Jason's and Adam's 29th birthday.  That's right - these boys are turning 30!

Justin turns 30 next month - but he isn't the only one.  Two of Justin's great friends, Adam and Jason, will also celebrate the big 30.  A few months ago their wives, Sara, Nadia and I sat down to begin planning a celebration! 

Our party planning consisted of dinners out where the planning happened in the first 20 minutes of our conversation - and then we would spend the rest of the night laughing and talking about our husbands.  These girls are a ton of fun and planning the party was just as fun as the celebration itself!

The party didn't turn out to be a surprise for various reasons - but Justin knew I wasn't going to let his 30th birthday fly by without a big celebration.  He was excited to hear that the big night would also include Jason and Adam.  

The party was so fun and we spent the next day talking about how lucky we are to have such great family and friends.  Justin has grown up with the same group of 12-15 guys who have remained close through high school, college, and even today.  So it was nice to look around the room and see so many faces that have been a part of our lives for as long as we can remember!

As the night progressed - so did the beer.  These three 30 year old men tried to prove to themselves that age is just a number.  However, in the end, the truth came out when all three realized that the "After Party" consisted of two Tylenol and a bed!!!

Justin has spent the last two days recovering.  And from what I hear - so have Jason and Adam.

Happy 30th birthday to Adam, Jason, and Justin!  

We even had Corn Hole!

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